2nd Qtr. 2023 NYCentral Modeler Is Ready For You To Enjoy

Latest Edition of the NYCentral Modeler

(2nd Qtr. 2023)

2ndQtr2023NYcentralModelerCover2Click here to read!!!!

The cover photo for this quarter’s edition is from Tom Bailey’s article about “Kitbashing NYCS Models In The Past.” First time author for us Bill Young models a “NYCS Rider Caboose” in wood”.  Chuck Beargie returns with his “NYC Franklin/Oil City Branch – Part 5”. Steve Lasher shares “Some Notes on the AMB ‘Short’ Caboose” with some more excellent photos by Russ Weis. Your editor, Noel Widdifield, brings back some “Painting Railroad Figures” from the past. We share “The ‘New Commodore Vanderbilt” with Steve Bratina as rebuilds his ¾’ scale Hudson for us. And you also get all of the regular features with Brain Marotta’s  “NYCentral Modeler’s Tool Shop”, “NYCSHS RPO,” “Extra Board,” “What’s New”, and “The Observation Car.” All in the April 2023 edition.

If you haven’t been reading this NYCSHS magazine, you have been missing out on a lot of NYCS action.  Each edition contains five to seven articles covering different scales of NYCS modeling, a section reviewing all new NYCS models being offered by manufacturers for the quarter, letters and emails from members and readers, the latest news on models being offered by the NYCSHS at 20% discounts, and a variety of other information about modeling and happenings at the NYCSHS.

The magazine is free, and all you need to do to read or download it is go to the NYCSHS website. To do that, go to www.NYCSHS.org. Then put your curser on the “Modeling Resources” button and drop down to the “NYCentral Modeler” tab.  Then just follow the instruction on the page.   ENJOY!!

2nd Qtr. 2023 Edition

Click Here To Read

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