Model Shipping Schedule

NYCSHS Model Shipping Schedule

All of the manufacturers keep slipping their deliveries. Major Chinese Manufacturer went out of business.  Impacting many of the manufacturers’ delivery schedule.  Watch this page for the latest dates. (Completely updated 8/24/18)

Model                                             Manufacturer       Scheduled Date     Date Shipped


NYC Vanderbilt Hudson                            (HO-Scale)              BLI                            TBD

NYC F-7 Short Lightning Stripe               HO-Scale                 BLI                           TBA

NYC USRA Heavy Mikado                        HO-Scale                 BLI                            TBA

NYC USRA Light Pacific                            HO-Scale                BLI                             TBA

NYC/IHB EMD SW-7                                 (HO-Scale)               BLI                          In stock

NYC Dreyfuss Hudson  Brass Hybrid   (HO-Scale)              BLI                           TBA

NYC EMD GP-20                                        (HO-Scale)              BLI                          TBA

NYC 1937 AAR 40′ Boxcar Kit                (HO-Scale)        Intermountain            TBA

NYC PS2-CD Covered Hopper                (HO-Scale)   Intermountain                TBA

NYC PS2-CD Covered Hopper                (N-Scale)       Intermountain               TBA

NYC Modified 1937 AAR Boxcar          (Ho-Scale)     Intermountain                TBA

NYC 1938 20th Century Limited Diner    (N-scale)       Intermountain           TBA*

NYC Post War 20th Century Limited Diner (N-scale)   Intermountain          TBA*

  • Confirmed for Production

NYC 21′ ESE Passenger Cars                        (O-Scale)      LionelLegacy            TBA

NYC GP-7 (2- & 3- Rail- Powered & Un-powered) (O-Scale) Atlas                 3rd Qtr 2018

NYC 14-Panel Hopper                                  (N-Scale)    Bluford                       Now

NYC 8-Panel 2-Bay Hopper                          (N-Scale)    Bluford                      Now

NYC Budd RDC    (Second Release)   DC & DCC       (HO-Scale) Rapido        Fall 2018

All wood 36′ Boxcars                                     (HO-Scale)  Accurail                     Now

NYC 70-Ton Flatcar                                   (HO-Scale) Intermountain            TBA

CCC&StL 55-Ton Twin Hopper                 (HO-Scale)   Accurail                    Now

NYC Niagara (Vision Model)    Pre-Order (O-Scale)     Lionel                        10/3/18

NYC P2 Boxcab                                              (O-Scale)     MTH                         Sep 2018

NYC Express Boxcar                                     (O-Scale)    Atlas                           TBA

NYC 40′ PS-1 6′ Door Boxcar (Cigar Band) (N-Scale)  Atlas                           Now

LS&MS Lines West Brick/Stone Station   (HO-Scale) N-Scale Arch          September 2018

NYC Flexi-Van Rail car                                (N-Scale) TrainWorx                4th Qtr. 2018

NYC Flexi-Van Trailers                                (N-Scale) TrainWorx                4th Qtr. 2018

NYC 19000 Wood Caboose                         (N-Scale)   AMB                            Now

NYC 19000 Lot 732 Caboose                      (HO-Scale)  AMB                         Now

NYC 19000 Lot 732 Pacemaker Caboose (HO-Scale)  AMB                         Now

NYC 1948 20th Century Baggage             (N-Scale)   Intermountain         TBA

MDT Yellow Reefer                                    (HO-Scale) Intermountain         Now

NYC 50′ AAR Double Door Boxcar         (N-Scale)    Intermountain          TBA

NYC Modified 1937 ARR Boxcar            (N-Scale)  Intermountain           TBA

NYC 50′ Early Bird Double Door Box   (HO-Scale)   Bowser                    Now

NYC ALCo FA-2 Cigar Band                    (HO-Scale)   Rapido                 Spring 2019

NYC ALCo FB-2 Cigar Band                   (HO-Scale)   Rapido                 Spring 2019

NYC ALCo FB-2 Lightning Stripe         (HO-Scale)   Rapido                 Spring 2019

NYC 60′ Baggage,Combine, RPO          (HO-Scale) Rivarossi                Now


All scheduled dates are estimates from the manufacturer.  The NYCSHS has no control over the manufacturer’s production and shipping schedule.  This page will be updated as new schedule information is available.  Latest changes and updates in red.


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