Model Shipping Schedule

NYCSHS Model Shipping Schedule

All of the manufacturers keep slipping their deliveries.  Watch this page for the latest dates.

Model                                             Manufacturer       Scheduled Date     Date Shipped

NYCS 19000 Cabooses   (HO)                 TrueLine Trains         

Latest on the  NYC 19000 Caboose

We have terminated our agreement with TrueLine Trains as they have become non-responsive to our attempts to contact them. 

We are working with another manufacturer to build the 19000 NYCS cabooses. Updates will be provided when we have more information.

 And we really, really, really appreciate your patience while we continue to work through it.


NYC Vanderbilt Hudson (HO-Scale)                           BLI                                       TBD

NYC 73’6″ Baggage-Express car (N-Scale)                   Rapido                              Almost Gone

NYC/IHB EMD SW-7                                 (HO-Scale)               BLI                          TBA

NYC/IHB EMD NW-2                                 (HO-Scale)               BLI                         TBA

NYC EMD GP-20                                          (HO-Scale)              BLI                         TBA

NYC EMD GP-30 2- & 3- Rail                      (O-Scale)                MTH                       Now

NYC 1937 AAR 40′ Boxcar Kit                      (HO-Scale)         Atlas                        Now

NYC PS-CD Covered Hopper                        (HO-Scale)   Intermountain        Apr 2018

NYC PS-CD Covered Hopper                        (N-Scale)       Intermountain       Apr 2018

NYC 1938 20th Century Limited Diner      (N-scale)       Intermountain   Taken Reservations

NYC Post War 20th Century Limited Diner (N-scale)   Intermountain   Taking Reservations

NYC H-6a Mikado                                           (O-Gauge)      LionelChief             Special Order

NYC H-6a Mikado                                           (O-Scale)      LionelLegacy            Special Order

NYC 21′ ESE Passenger Cars                        (O-Scale)      LionelLegacy            TBA

NYC GP-7 (2- & 3- Rail- Powered & Un-powered) (O-Scale) Atlas                  1st Qtr 2018

Transfer Cabooses                                        (HO-Scale)    Bluford                     Now

Transfer Cabooses                                        (N-Scale)    Bluford                        Now

NYC 14-Panel Hopper                                  (N-Scale)    Bluford                        April 2018

NYC 8-Panel 2-Bay Hopper                         (N-Scale)    Bluford                        Now

NYC & P&LE Despatch Shops X65 Boxcar (N-Scale)  ESM                     Shipping to us 1/12/18

NYC Budd RDC    (Second Release)   DC & DCC       (HO-Scale) Rapido        Late 2018

CCC&StL 36′ Boxcar                                     (HO-Scale)  Accurail                     TBA

NYC RS-3                                                        (N-Scale)    Atlas                            TBA

NYC GP-7                                                       (N-Scale)    Atlas                             4th Qtr. 2017

NYC U-25B                                                    (HO-Scale) Bowser                         TBA

NYC 70-Ton Flatcar                                   (HO-Scale) Intermountain            TBA

NYC Baldwin VO-1000                              (HO-Scale)  Bowser                        Now

MCRR & NYC USRA Composite Gondola (HO-Scale)  Intermountain         Now

CCC&StL 55-Ton Twin Hopper                 (HO-Scale)   Accurail                    Now

IHB 52’6″ 70-Ton War Emergency Gondola(O-Scale)     Atlas                       Now

NYC Niagara (Vision Model)                      (O-Scale)     Lionel                         TBA

NYC P2 Boxcab                                              (O-Scale)     MTH                         July 2018

NYC Express Boxcar                                     (O-Scale)    Atlas                           TBA

NYC 40′ PS-1 6′ Door Boxcar (Cigar Band) (N-Scale)  Atlas                           Jan 2018

LS&MS Lines West Brick/Stone Station   (HO-Scale) N-Scale Arch          September 2018

NYC Flexi-Van Rail car                                (N-Scale) TrainWorx                4th Qtr. 2018

NYC Flexi-Van Trailers                                (N-Scale) TrainWorx                4th Qtr. 2018

NYC 19000 Wood Caboose                         (N-Scale)   AMB                            Now

NYC 19000 Lot 732 Caboose                      (HO-Scale)  AMB                         March 2018

NYC 19000 Lot 732 Pacemaker Caboose (HO-Scale)  AMB                         March 2018


All scheduled dates are estimates from the manufacturer.  The NYCSHS has no control over the manufacturer’s production and shipping schedule.  This page will be updated as new schedule information is available.  Latest changes and updates in red.


15 Responses to Model Shipping Schedule

  1. Barry A. Baines says:

    Any further update on the Atlas O-Scale GP-7 3-Rail (Powered and Non-Powered)? The status currently shown as estimated delivery 2nd Quarter 2015 (which ended in June) and we’re now only three weeks until the 4th Quarter. Given that my order was submitted on 18 JUN 14 and full payment was made then through PayPal, we’re now almost 15 months waiting for product already paid for. It would be helpful if at least a more current status was provided.

    Barry A. Baines
    Westborough, MA

    • Barry,
      We only have the info on shipping that we are provided by Atlas. They are now showing 2 Qtr 2016 for shipping. We have no control over when manufacturers build or ship. I am on travel this week but will check with them again. Some products are announced for us to take pre-orders with estimated shipping dates and then the manufacturer decides to delay them because they haven’t received enough pre-orders so they slip shipping dates. They do not always keep us up to date on that.
      I will get back to you again next week when I get back home and tell you anything I can find out. I am very sorry that you have waited so long for this loco.
      Thanks, NYCSHS

  2. Nicholas j Spiotta says:

    True line trains caboose how close are they to having enough for the pre-orders to go into production if we knew what was going a few members might jump in to satisfy that amount

    • They are telling us that it will be in 2017. We have over 900 orders now so that is not a problem. Read the latest NYCentral Modeler to see the details of what they are saying.

  3. Nicholas j Spiotta says:

    Re: trueline caboose. Thank you I read the article.

  4. Tom Stage says:

    Maybe an oversight…or, maybe not. Accurail has a number of NYC-affiliated roads planned for the upcoming release of their 36′ Double-sheath wood boxcars sometime in the spring. Link and roads are below: (See “Coming Soon” at bottom of page in link)

    1300-series: NYC, B&A, Big Four, MC
    1700-series: NYC&HR, LS&MS, Big Four, B&A
    1800-series: T&OC

    Tom Stage

  5. Greg worobey says:

    Why don’t you deal w/Athearn ? There Genesis line of F7, F3 And GP 7 are great.

    • Because they won’t sell to us since we don’t have a brick and mortar store. They don’t like web based organizations since they believe they undermine the local hobby shops. A few more years and they will probably start dealing with us.

  6. Charlie C. says:

    Past about time with TrueLine Trains. So many years and so little progress. Please persevere in finding another manufacturer.

  7. David Grein says:

    I don’t see updated shipping info for the N scale, BLI, EMD F7AB model. I have placed a $25 deposit. What is the delivery status of this model?

  8. Peter Weiglin 1683 says:

    Store website says to check shipping schedule — Bethlehem split-leterboard coaches. But these are not on the list to be shipped.

    What is delivery estimate?

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