Model Shipping Schedule

NYCSHS Model Shipping Schedule

All of the manufacturers keep slipping their deliveries. Watch this page for the latest dates. (Completely updated 12/13/19)


Model                                                                               Manufacturer              Shipping Date

NYC 19000 Wood Caboose                                             N-Scale Arch                   In Stock

NYC RS-2 DC                                                                        Atlas                             Spring 2020

NYC RS-2 DCC/Sound                                                         Atlas                             Spring 2020

NYC FA-1 DC                                                                        Atlas                              2Q 2020

NYC FA-1 DCC/Sound                                                         Atlas                              2Q 2020

NYC FB-1 DC                                                                        Atlas                              2Q 2020

NYC FA-1 DCC/Sound                                                         Atlas                              2Q 2020

NYC 72′ Smoothside Coach                                         Bachmann                        On demand

NYC 72′ Smoothside Baggage                                     Bachmann                        On demand

NYC Lot 976-B Boxcar                                            Eastern Seaboard                 In stock

Lines East Brick Tower                                                    NSA                               In stock

LS&MS Lines West Station                                              NSA                               Special Order

B&A SS65 Tower                                                                NSA                              In stock

NYC 3-Bay Covered Hopper                                  Intermountain                     Reservations

CCS  10-5 Sleeper  20th Century                           Intermountain                    Reservations

CCS  10-5 Sleeper  Post War                                  Intermountain                     Reservations

CCS  13 Double Bedroom Sleeper                        Intermountain                   Confirmed for                                                                                                                      Production No Delivery Date

CCS 18 Roomette                                                      Intermountain                     Reservations



NYC Plate Girder Bridge Code 100 track            Atlas                                       Special Order

REA Reefers                                                             Atlas                                        1Q 2020

NYC 14 Section Pullman Sleeper                        Atlas                                        1st Qtr 2020

8-1-2 Pullman Sleeper                                          Atlas                                        2-3 Qtr 2020

NYC FM H16-44 DCC/Sound                                 Atlas                                        1st Qtr 2020

NYC FM H16-44 DC                                                Atlas                                        1st Qtr 2020

P&E 50′ Boxcar                                                       Atlas                                        1st Qtr 2020

NYC 1932 ARA Boxcar (Demo)                            Atlas                                        1st Qtr 2020

LS&MS 36′ Wood Boxcar                                  Accurail                                       In Stock

P&LE 40′ Steel Boxcar                                       Accurail                                       On Demand

P&LE 40′ Steel Boxcar   (3-Pack)                      Accurail                                       On Demand

CCC&StL 36′ Wood Boxcar                                Accurail                                       In Stock

MCRR 36′ Wood Boxcar                                     Accurail                                       In Stock

T&OC 41′ Steel Gondola                                     Accurail                                        In Stock

NYC Lot 732 Caboose                                           AMB                                             In Stock

NYC Pacemaker Caboose                                    AMB                                             In Stock

NYC 19000 T&G Caboose                                     AMB                                            In Stock

NYC Lot Plywood Caboose                                  AMB                                            In Stock

CCC&StL Freight House                                      AMB                                             In Stock

P&LE ALCo S-4 DCC/Sound                            Bachmann                                    On Demand

NYC 8-1-3 Sleeper                                                 BCW                                           In Stock

NYC Split Letterboard Coach                             BCW                                           In Stock

B&A 75′ Coach                                                       BCW                                          In Stock

NYC GP-20                                                              BLI                                             TBA

NYC Commodore Vanderbilt                             BLI                                              Reservations

NYC FT A/B                                                            BLI                                              1Q 2020

NYC Pullman 10-2 Plan Sleeper w&wo AC     BCW                                            In Stock

NYC Pullman 10-2 Plan Combine w&wo AC     BCW                                         In Stock

NYC ACF 4650CF Covered Hopper              Intermountain                             Reservations

NYC 40′ PSI Boxcar                                             Kadee                                        Reservations

NYC Covered Hopper                                        Lionel                                          1Q 2020

NYC Pacemaker Boxcar                                    Lionel                                          1Q 2020

NYCSHS 50th Anniversary Pacemaker Boxcar MTH                                     Soon

B&A 5565 Tower                                                   NSA                                      In Stock

Pullman Standard Lightweight Diner          Rapido                                     1Q 2020

NYC ACF Flexiflo Versions 1 & 2                    Rapido                                      2Q 2020

NYC FA/B-2                                                         Rapido                                      2Q 2020

NYC PA/PB                                                          Rapido                                      4Q 2020

NYC 40′ Boxcar                                                  Rapido                                      1Q2020

TH&B & NYC 40′ Wood Boxcar                       Rapido                                 Winter 2020

NYC  PC&F 50′ Insulted Boxcar                    Walthers                                On Demand

Fairbanks Coal Station Alexander/Tomar Walthers                                    In Stock

NYC ALCo PA-1 DC                                           Walthers                                On Demand

NYC ALCo PA-1/PB DC                                     Walthers                                On Demand

NYC ALCo PA-1 DCC/Sound                            Walthers                                On Demand

NYC 85′ Large Window Coach                      Walthers                                On Demand

NYC 85′ Large 10&6 Sleeper                          Walthers                                On Demand

NYC 85′  Diner                                                   Walthers                                On Demand

NYC 85′ RPO                                                       Walthers                                On Demand

Undec  85′ 10 & 6 Sleeper                                Walthers                                On Demand

Freight Station  Alexander/Tomar Kit          Walthers                                In Stock

NYC 40′ ARA Composit Boxcar                     Walthers                               On Demand

Diesel Detail Kit PA/PB                                     Walthers                               On Demand

Westerfield’s Kits (All)                                    Westerfields                          On Demand

NYC 70 Ton Flatcar                                        Intermountain                        Reservations

MCRR USRA Composite Drop Bottom Gon  Intermountain                     In Stock

NYC NYCSHS 50th Anniversary Boxcar         MTH                                    Feb 28, 2020



NYC 21′ ESE Combine & Observation               LionelLegacy            In Production

Troop Series Cars                                                  Atlas                          Pre-order 1/22/20

40′ Boxcar    (2-Rail/3-rail)                                    Atlas                         Reservations

EMD GP-7                                                               Atlas                          1Q 2020

B&A 166T                                                               Lionel                        2Q 2020

NYC Reefer w/Sound                                           Lionel                        2Q 2020

NYC Kitchen Car                                                   Lionel                        2Q 2020

NYC PA DCC/Sound                                              MTH                           Dec 2019

NYC PA    Non-Powered                                      MTH                           Jan 2020

NYC PB    Non-Powered                                      MTH                           Dec 2019

NYC E-8A  DCC/Sound                                         MTH                         Reservations

NYC E-8A  Non-Powered                                    MTH                         Reservations

NYC E-8B  Non-Powered                                    MTH                          Resrvations

ESE 4-6-4                                                           MTH/Railking              1 Q 2020

NYC GP-7                                                           MTH/Railking              1Q 2020

P&E Boxcar                                                      MTH/Railking             On Demand

Bay Window Caboose                                    MTH/Railking             On Demand

P&LE Gondola                                                 MTH/Railking             On Demand


All scheduled dates are estimates from the manufacturer.  The NYCSHS has no control over the manufacturer’s production and shipping schedule.  This page will be updated as new schedule information is available.  Latest changes and updates are all incorporated in this version. (Updated December 13, 2019)


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