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The NYCSHS On-Line Modeling Magazine

Published Quarterly to Provide a Publication Dedicated to Modeling of the NYCS.

1st Qtr. 2017 NYCentral Modeler


You will find all the usual features in this quarter’s edition with lots of new model information, several interesting letters we have received and answered, the “Observation Car’ with previews of the January 2017 edition, and columns by President, Rich Stoving and NYCentral Modeler Editor, Noel Widdifield.

NYCSHS members Bob Keeler and Dennis Regan return to the Annual St. Louis Railroad Phototype Models convention and bring us coverage of the event and looks of photos of NYCS modeling.

Dean Apostal tells us how he painted and weathered some of the Westerfield stock cars we have for sale in the Collinwood Shop.

Bob Shaw, NYCentral Modeler assistant proof editor, continues to share his unique modeling of the NYCS with “Adding a Turntable & Roundhouse – Big Hits”.  Bob uses his excellent O-gauge modeling skills to add some interesting features to his layout.

Long-time NYCSHS member, Carl Sardaro tells us about “Modifying an O-Scale FM C-Liner” as he greatly improves an old AMC/Rivarossi model.

In this issue Noel Widdifield, NYCentral Modeler editor, provides two articles to help you write and article and take more professional photos for the magazine. He also adds a short article on doing an article quickly. There are even some checklists/outlines to help you.

Of course, you will find all of the regular features included. Read about the authors in “Extra Board”, new NYCS products in “What’s New” and “Some other Thoughts” shares many of the new products available in the Collinwood Shop at big discounts for members.

There are even forms to renew your membership for 2017 and registration for the NYCSHS 2017 Convention in Marlborough, MA in May.
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Be sure to check out this latest edition.  We have some really informative articles for you!!

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Don’t miss out!! Read it now at Click here to read.

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Noel Widdifield

Editor, NYCentral Modeler

Enjoy our FREE NYCentral Modeler Magazine

Please enjoy our free quarterly magazine, NYC Modeler. Developed and edited by members and friends of the New York Central System Historical Society, we are providing this free resource for anyone interested in creating accurate models of New York Central railroad equipment and structures. The magazine is only available as a PDF file, and you will need the free Acrobat Reader software to view it.

To view please right click on the issue you want to view below and then use the “Save Link As” feature to download the NYCentral Modeler to your desktop.  This will allow you to see the magazine in full resolution and also not require you to go back to the website to later view the magazine.  Just opening it with your browser will not provide the photos in the high quality that we have put into them.

Please send your questions and comments about “NYC Modeler” to editor  Noel F. Widdifield

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Editor:                               Noel Widdifield

Associate Editor                    Bob Shaw

Proof Editors:                     Julie Sanders

                                                Ann Widdifield

Engineering Dept:           Manuel Duran-Duran

Harmon Files:                   Larry Faulkner

The Early Car Shop:         Kyle Coble

Layout Drawing Artist:    Frank Knight



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