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NYCSHS Directors and Officers for 2016 – 2017

Dave Mackay

Vice President

Sheldon Lustig

Recording Secretary

James Suhs


Noel Widdifield


Joseph Epperson

Central Headlight Editor
Richard L. Stoving

NYCentral Modeler  Editor

Noel F. Widdifield

Directors At Large

Richard L. Stoving

Richard J. Barrett

Tom Gerbracht

Ralph C. Schiring

Darwin Simonaitis

Mike Vescelus

Nick Ariemma

Noel F. Widdifield  Webmaster

Directors Emeritus

Joseph P. Quinlivan


Information Contacts

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Dave Mackay – President & Modeling Committee Chair


Noel Widdifield – Treasurer, Business Manager, Webmaster, Editor, NYCentral Modeler


Nick AriemmaMembership Chair


Mike Vescelus – Collinwood Shop


Jim Suhs – Secretary


Dave Mackay – Modeling Committee Chair


Darwin Simonaitis Calendar

Joseph EppersonArchivist

Tom GerbrachtEngineering Drawings

Rich Stoving – Editor, Central Headlight


Sheldon LustigVice President


Richard Barrett – Director

Ralph Schiring – NYCS Knowledge Coordinator – I can get you answers to your questions about the NYCS.

Please note we have no railroad employment records.
Contact the Railroad Retirement Board for more information on genealogy searches.

U.S. Railroad Retirement Board Pension Records

You can now search a free index of 1.5 million US Railroad Retirement Board pension records on the Midwest Genealogy Center (part of the Mid-Continent Public Library in Independence, Mo.) website.

The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) administers a federal retirement benefits program similar to Social Security, but for railroad workers. The RRB index covers records from 1936 to the early 2000s . The program started in 1936, so these records don’t cover earlier railroad workers, or workers for local streetcar or interurban lines. Those who worked for railroads on a short-term or casual basis also might not have participated in the program.

Start your RRB index search on the Genealogy Quick Look website—choose US Railroad Retirement Board from the Collection menu.

The results give you the last name and usually just a first initial, along with dates of birth and death (month and year for birth and death, and occasionally the day).  Once you find a relative, you can order copies of the pension records for about 80 cents per page from the National Archives Atlanta office. Use the provided link on the search results to Print This Page and then click on Submit Your Request, which gives instructions on how to request copies.

Before this index, you had to pay $27 to have RRB staff check their index to see if your ancestor was part of the retirement system. The Midwest Genealogy Center’s RRB index saves you the $27 and gives you the flexibility to do further research on potentially relevant search results.

This article was written by May Ann Boggs for the South Suburban Genealogical and Historical Society. The Midwest Genealogy Center at the Mid-Continent Public Library in Independence, MO has the index on their website. We thank all of them for allowing us to publish this article on our website.

Under the “Collection” title click on the dropdown to “U.S. Railroad Retirement Board”.


General Research Questions:
PLEASE NOTE: While we try to respond to all inquires, due to the overwhelming amount of mail received, our volunteers cannot possibly answer general inquiries in a timely manner. Please consider asking your historic or general interest question in one of the many friendly discussion groups, such as the New York Central Forum.

Official  Address (Do not send membership forms or money to this address)
New York Central System Historical Society, Inc.
P. O. Box 130
Gates Mills, OH 44040-0130

Membership Address (Please mail all membership forms and payments and address changes to this address)

New York Central System Historical Society, Inc.

P. O. Box 264

Emerson, NJ 07630

Treasurer Address

New York Central System Historical Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 328

Shady Side, MD 20764

To update your mailing address, phone number or email address click here to send an email to Noel F. Widdifield  Webmaster

17 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Russell Gwin says:

    I Found in a junkyard close to me about 2 years ago a cast iron railroad depot sign .The name of the depot is Amlin it was a stop on new york central railroad in Franklin county with is near Columbus,ohio.Question is what was the colors of the sign.

  2. Robert Harned says:

    I am contacting in regards to color century green. I have had no luck going thru Elkhart chapter. I am waiting on return answer on a possible loan of a paint chip for century green. I may be reached at 270-816-2662. Any help is appreciated. I have been searching for about month.

  3. John Frink, P.O. Box 20394, Carson city, NV 89721-0394 says:

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Can someone tell me when the book “Know Thy Hudsons” will be sent?
    I am John Frink, member #6324. Sent the app and check last year.
    Thank you very much for your tiem,
    John Frink

    • We were just notified yesterday that the book will be printed by the end of April and will be shipped shortly after that. We have been working with the publishing company to ensure the book is completely accurate and finished properly. It will be a great book.
      Thanks, NYCSHS

  4. I work with the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum in Gulfport ms. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the history of American railroads through models. Since the NYCRR has such a great history, it was a natural to contact you about our project. To help raise funds for the museum we are putting together a cookbook/history book based on the dining car and it’s evolution. If possible we would like to feature recipes that were served on your Railroad in the past. We are more than happy to give your society credit for the recipes that you send us. Thank you for your help and time on this matter.

  5. Mike Matterm says:

    Im Mike. Im looking to find out what road diesels were assigned to the Boston and Albany. Between 1950 xnd 1960. Is thereant info on that. My email is

    Thank you

    • Mike,
      Be back to you soon with an answer.
      Thanks, NYCSHS

    • Mike,
      As steam was winding down in the 1950’s, diesel road power was not generally assigned to specific regions. While certain passenger trains were assigned E-units instead of road-switchers, freights got whatever power was available at Selkirk.

      That changed when the NYC assigned power to various points on the system based on the builder, with Selkirk and Dewitt being the bases for ALCO units. There are many photographs of B&A freights with up to 7 units, all ALCO’s, mixed FA’s, FB’s, and RS’s. The “New England States” and “Paul Revere” and the through M&E trains were assigned E’s as they ran through from / to Chicago, while the secondary trains and commuters usually drew RS-2’s & 3’s.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Rich Traskos says:

    I’m looking for any info on Horse Cars. Hopefully I can kit bash an existing HO passenger car into a model.

  7. Bruce Schrimpf says:

    I was a member a number of years ago, and I let it lapse. I thought I rejoined earlier this year and paid through Pay Pal. Bit, I mever heard anything. So I will rejoin. Can I get my old number? Can you please send me a paper application? For me the old ways of doing things are just better.

  8. Ed,
    Contact us at and we will see what we can do to provide them for you.

  9. Edward M Simpson says:

    I need a change of mailing address and your tags on your website will not allow me access
    My new address as of May 31, 2018 is:
    Edward Simpson
    5424 Pebblestone Dr.
    Wichita Falls, TX 76306

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