NYC Mohawk 2933 Unveiling

The Museum of Transportation  in St. Louis, MO, unveiled and dedicated two restored steam engines over the weekend. Both restorations have been in progress for several years and now both are ready for public display.  Wabash 573 and New York Central Mohawk 2933.

(Ronald Godfeder Photo)

Several groups who participated in these restorations were available to answer questions and make presentations. The National Railway Historical Society, New York Central System Historical Society, Wabash Railroad Historical Society, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society.

Directors Jim Suhs, Darwin Simonaitis, former Director, Chuck Beargie and NYCSHS members Dennis Regan, and Bob Keeler represented the Society at the event.  Chuck spoke at the dedication.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.31.11 AM

The NYCSHS contingent at the dedication.


Chuck Beargie speaking for the NYCSHS.  (Dennis Regan Photo)

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.26.54 AM
Bob Keeler and Chuck Beargie manning the NYCSHS booth.

NYC L-2d Class 4-8-2 #2933 will be on outdoor unobstructed display, along with
Wabash 2-6-0 #573, for the next month, great for viewing and photography.
After this display period, it will be moved under-cover, packed in with other
equipment, essentially inaccessible for decent viewing or photography.

If any NYCSHS members  plan a visit during the coming month, it is suggested
calling the museum to verify display situation.

Museum of Transportation
3015 Barrett Station Road
St. Louis, MO 63122

Some links to additional photos of the event.

Photos by David Huelsing

Photos by Steve Binning

St. Louis Museum of Transportation

Special thanks to all the donors and volunteers who supported both of these projects and made their preservation possible.

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