2017 NYCSHS Convention Was Great Success

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Another Wonderful NYCSHS Convention


NYCSHS Convention Attendees at Boston South Station in the Rain (All photos by Nick Ariemma)


Incoming NYCSHS President addressing attendees at the annual meeting.


Worcester Union Station where the private train ride on B&A trackage began.


Convention attendees lining up to board the NYCSHS Exclusive Rail Excursion on the former B & A line to Historic Boston South Station.


Past NYCSHS President, Rich Stoving, presenting “My Final Layout”, one of the several presentations given at the convention on Friday and Sunday.


NYCSHS Treasurer and NYCentral Modeler Editor, Noel Widdifield presenting “Using NYCSHS Resources to Model the NYCS”.


2017 Convention Chair, Joe Burgess (center) talking to Karen Vescelus, wife of Director, Mike Vescelus, while Director Ralph Schiring examines the models for sale in the Collinwood Shop during the set up for the Sunday Train Show.




A few of the large selection of NYCS items for sale in the Collinwood Shop at the Convention.

Some of the many other items offered by vendors at the train show.


NYC models running on the Hub Modular Railroad at the train show on Sunday.


President, Dave Mackay, accepting model kits developed by Manuel Duran-Duran. They are in the Collinwood Shop set up in the hotel coat closet during the first two days at the convention. The coat closet was a tight fit for us, but we sold a huge amount of NYCS offerings from that tiny closet.  During the convention, Mike and Karen Vescelus, Noel and Ann Widdifield, Dave and Annette, and Ralph Schiring staffed the Shop. (All of them are full NYCSHS members.)

The convention was a huge success with just over 125 members attending.  Joe Burgess and his team are congratulated for a wonderful convention.

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Now is the time to start looking forward to the 2018 NYCSHS Convention in Cleveland. It is never too early to make your reservations.  Watch for more information shortly on this upcoming event.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 8.36.34 AM

All photos by Nick Ariemma

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