Central Terminal Restoration Corp. releases Master Plan

On Thursday, March 10th the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation unveiled its Master Plan (PDF file, 28 pages, 4.5 MB) for the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of Buffalo’s Central Terminal.

In order to fully understand what is involved in the revitalization of the Terminal, the master plan discusses infrastructure needs as well as opportunities for development.  All of this adds up to the main goal of the CTRC which is to restore the building’s integrity and significance in the region.  The CTRC estimates that the cost of their plan if fully implemented will be approximately $75 million and take up to ten years to complete.  In order to carry out the plan, the Corporation will be looking to a mix of private and public funds as well as foundation funding.  The amount of money sought will depend on which parts of the plan are embarked upon first in the next fourteen months.  —Buffalo Rising

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