NYC Mohawk to return to the rails?

Elkhart is considering a proposal to refurbish a piece of its railroad history and put it back on the rails.  The 70-year-old Mohawk steam engine that sits at the New York Railroad Museum once ran through the city. It is believed to be the last of its kind in existence. Two companies are interested in putting it back in service as an excursion train. Plans call for a $1 million renovation of the engine that would completed at no cost to the city. Once finished, it would be used for excursions around the Midwest, and Elkhart. The city would be paid a lease of $5,000 annually for 15 years. It would also receive a percentage of ticket sales.

“To make a good decision, we need all the information that we could possibly have. And we need to have it in writing,” said Arvis Dawson with the mayor’s office. “Right now, as I’ve said, we are just in the infant stage. The mayor wants to gather all that information, hear from the public and then decide what’s going to be the best for the citizens.” After the 15-year lease is up, the train would be returned to Elkhart.


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