1999 NYCSHS Calendar

cal1999frontThe Society’s 1999 calendar is still available. Our calendar features paintings by Ted Rose and used with his permission and through the good offices of member Don Wetzel. On the cover is “Almost Home” showing class J-1e 5344, perhaps the best known New York Central Hudson, passing BE Tower at Berea, Ohio. On the back cover is “Water Level Route” showing a Mohawk leading a freight along the Hudson River on a foggy morning.

cal1999backInside the calendar are pictures of class S-1b 6001 on train #55, the “Advance Empire State Express” at Rochester, NY, Rotary snow plow clearing a cut east of Philadelphia, NY, Class DPA-2a PA-1 4200 and companion B-unit at Elkhart, IN, Boston & Albany K-3n 500, T-2b 271 leading train #65 “The Hendrick Hudson” at Marble Hill, NY, Looking west at Wilson Avenue Cleveland, OH in 1906, U-30b #2844 class GF-30 at Elkhart, IN, Main St crossing and Tower B at Elkhart, IN about 1949, K-3 powered Auburn Road local at Tower GY at Geneva, NY, RDC-3 M-498 at Chelsea, MI, inside the office at New London, OH about 1920, class H-5u 1476 at Three Rivers, MI, and class F-2g 2136 at Richville NY.

Calendar Back Issues Available
The NYCSHS has a limited supply of previously issued calendars available for purchase. Quantities are limited, so please order soon to ensure we have your calendar in supply! The price is $5.00 each postage paid. Ohio residents must include $.29 sales tax. Please send your order to:

NYCSHS Calendar
Dept W
17038 Roosevelt Ave

Lockport IL 60441-4734

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