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Know Thy Early Mohawks

By Tom Gerbracht


This hard cover book completely documents the New York Central’s early Mohawks, built in the period 1916 through 1930. The early Mohawks became the standard freight hauler on the railroad and lasted into 1957, the very end of the railroad’s steam operations. The Mohawk type locomotive was the third type of the famous New York Central steam triumvirate, consisting of Hudsons, Mohawks, and Niagaras. The large quantity of 600 Mohawks operated by the Central, and their long service life, requires two books to adequately describe and document the Mohawk type. The final book describing the triumvirate, consisting of “late” Mohawks, is on schedule for release in 2020.

Know Thy Early Mohawks describes the original landmark design and its evolution through the L-2D class of 1930. The design is compared with predecessor freight locomotives used by the Central and contemporary Mountain types used by other major railroads. The book contains over 200 high quality photographic images, many previously unpublished, and data, drawings, and documentation from the official New York Central files that will be useful to modelers and historians. A 32-page color section is included.

  • Detailed history of NYC Early Mohawks (1916 – 1930) from official Railroad Record Cards and official NYC drawings
  • Over 250 pages and 200 photographs, many previously unpublished, data, drawings and a 32-page color section
  • Written by Tom Gerbracht, NYCSHS director and former president
  • Hard cover with complete Early Mohawks’ history
  • Limited publication run
  • Very limited quantity of numbered and signed copies available as a separate store item

Expected Delivery by Christmas 2019

MSRP  $79.95 NYCSHS Members $63.96

Shipping is $10.00 for US buyers and Ohio residents pay 8% Ohio Sales Tax

Non-US buyers pay actual shipping costs

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Limited Edition Signed Copy

Members price & non-member price: $250 plus $10.00

S&H – Ohio residents add 8% Ohio Sales Tax ($20.96)

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