2007 Annual Convention Photos

The 2007 NYCSHS Annual Convention was held in Niagara Falls, New York, and featured an excursion on the Falls Road Railroad (former NYC Falls Road) as one of its activities. Here are some photos and artifacts provided by Bill Strassner.A section of the NYC 1944 Public Timetable – covering the Falls Road.
Collection of Bill StrassnerMedina, New York on the Falls Road back when. Collection of Bill Strassner

A postcard view of the once gorgeous Lockport, NY station on the Falls Road. After some years of private commercial use, it suffered a fire that destroyed it. Current owners are pushing for rebuilding and restoration. Collection of Bill Strassner

A postcard view of Medina, NY station on the Falls Road, note train order semaphore type signals. Collection of Bill Strassner

The crowd in front of the Buffalo Central Terminal listening to the history and ongoing restoration work. Photo by Bill Strassner

Convention Guest Speaker and noted railroad author Rush Loving (The Men Who Loved Trains) adjusts his camera as we tour the Falls. After reading his book, I invited Rush to our convention where he hosted a fascinating round table discussion about Al Perlman and the NYC into PC into CR and beyond. Photo by Bill Strassner

Former NYC employee and well know character Larry Baggerly inspects a VERY large scale NYC caboose model in the Vendors Room. Photo by Bill Strassner

From the vendor room at the 2007 NYCSHS Convention, long time Members Allen Hilborn and Larry Baggerly bracket the NYC maps that Allen sells to benefit our Society. On the table is a true and rare collectors item, a cast NYC BREWSTER (NY?) station sign. Photo by Bill Strassner
Exceptional and informative Hickory Creek Steward John Sanders uses and explains the J C Deagan Chime, as used onboard railroad dining cars back when. Photo by Bill Strassner
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