We have Another Pair of HO-Scale NYCS Hoppers Just for You

We have Another Pair of HO-Scale

NYCS Hoppers Just For You

You can never have enough hoppers and

these are truly unique!!!


Here are the photos of the real thing.  Accurail shipped them to us today. They should be in the mail to those who have already ordered sometime in the next two weeks.  If you haven’t ordered a pair of these beauties, you better hurry.  They are going fast.

Accurail USRA 55-Ton Hoppers

Cincinnati Northern and T&OC with NYCSHS unique road numbers.
Like all of our other NYCSHS Special Offerings these will never be offered again with these road numbers.
Offered as pairs at NYCSHS discounted prices for members.
Shipping is extra and Ohio residents must add 8% Ohio sales tax.
Click here for NYCSHS.net to buy now!

Look under “Accurail HO”in the Models section of the store.

But don’t stop there. Look at all of the

other things we have to offer.

Clothing, Books, Movie DVDs and Lot’s of Models

And Much More!!!!!

Spend the gift money you will receive for the holidays on some of these. They make great presents to yourself and are great bargains.

Come Visit the NYCSHS On-line Store.

Click Here for the Collinwood Shop.

Remember that you can save up to 20%

as a NYCSHS Member.

And you can also renew

your membership online today.

Click Here to Visit the Store.

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National Model Railroad Month Sale


Sale Contest to Win Two DVDs


The Contest Winners Are!!!

1st Winner Gerard Bartucci Member # 6711,  Hillsdale, NJ 

2nd Winner Rex Thompson Member # C6770, Marianna, AR

There were 60 people qualified to win and there were a total of 490 chances to win for the contest.  A big thanks to all who purchased items from the Collinwood Shop during the sale.

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NYC 19000 Plywood Side Caboose Kit (HO-Scale)

NYC 19000 Plywood Side Caboose Kit (HO-Scale)

Almost Sold Out.  Only a Very Few Left!!!


Other than the NYC Hudson locomotive, the 19000 series cabooses with their distinctive low cupola was an icon of the New York Central Railroad for many of us.  These cabooses lasted from the early 1900s well into the 1960s.  Many of these cabooses were inherited from predecessor railroads but were rebuilt between 1912 and 1926 with common features resulting in over 2000 of these so called standard wooden cabooses.

Over the years the tongue and grove siding used on these cars began to deteriorate and needed replacement.  Some of these cars were resheathed with plywood beginning in the late 1940s.  This model represents these plywood sided cars.  They served until the end of the railroad.

This model is a craftsman kit and requires purchase of trucks and couplers that are not included with the kit.  One of these kits was built up for us by NYCSHS member, Seth Lakin and he has written an article on the construction that will be included in the 1st Qtr. 2015 NYCentral Modeler.

 C-UsersSethLakinDesktopModeling ProjectsNYC 19000Completed ModelsNYC 19676 Left Side No Markers 2

Finished model built by NYCSHS member, Seth Lakin.  Look for the article on building the kit in 1st Qtr 2015 NYCentral Modeler. (Seth added a few minor details not included in the kit.)

These kits are not of the same model of caboose that we have commissioned to be delivered next year as ready to run models of the tongue and grove versions of this caboose. However, we decided to take advantage of these kits and offer the plywood version as an exclusive NYCSHS model.  These kits of the plywood cabooses are only offered through the NYCSHS and not available elsewhere.  Our initial order of these are limited to only 50 kits so you need to order today so as not to miss out on these beautiful model kits.

The MSRP for these kits is $59.95 but are offered to NYCSHS members for 20% off at $47.96 plus shipping and handling costs.  Ohio residents must pay 8% Ohio Sales tax.

To purchase one of more of these kits: Click here to order!

These cabooses are in stock and ready to ship!!!

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Central Headlight 4th Qtr 2014 Issue Coming Soon

Central Headlight in the Mail Today

The Fourth Quarter 2014 issue of Central Headlight was mailed today to all Society members.

A PDF of this issue was emailed today to all members who have paid for this service. This provides the magazine several days early for a nominal fee.


As the cover photo suggests, some of NYC’s lines traversed fairly rugged terrain. Readers will visit NYC’s Catskill Mountain Branch, the former Ulster & Delaware Railroad, 108 miles of single track with grades up to 3.5 percent and its very own Horseshoe Curve. The article features some beautiful color photos from the 1960s, some fine historic B&W photos, and the only known sharp color photo of a former U&D class F-x ten-wheeler.

Modelers of the steam-to-diesel transition years will profit from a twelve-page photo essay featuring 22 handsomely reproduced photographs taken by former NYC general manager Jeremy Taylor, all knowledgeably captioned by Mr. Taylor himself. The photos capture the spirit of the NYC during the 1950s and provide a wealth of information useful to modelers trying to represent the system accurately.

Did you know that the NYC once ran daily 100-car ore trains on a 500-mile trip from the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains to hungry steel furnaces in Pennsylvania? You’ll learn about this fascinating operation in the November issue and enjoy several other informative articles and columns as well.

If you’re still not a member of the NYCSHS, this would be a great time to join. You will receive this Fourth Quarter 2014 issue of our magazine as a bonus in addition to the four 2015 issues that will come with your membership. Five issues for the price of four, plus all the other benefits that NYCSHS membership brings! Join today!

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New MCRR 55-Ton Hoppers (HO-Scale)

Brand new hoppers to add to your collection of models offered by the NYCSHS at great prices.

Accurail HO-Scale Michigan Central 55-Ton Hoppers (Black)
(NYCSHS Big Discounts on single and three-packs)
Add these MCRR hoppers to your coal trains.
Order now for November 2014 shipment!!


Very limited run Accurail 55-ton USRA Michigan Central hoppers. MSRP $15.98 each or $46.98 for a a three-pack. NYCSHS Members only $12.78 each or $37.59 for a three-pack. Shipping extra. Ohio residents add 8% Ohio sales tax.

Go to the main page in the store and look under

“Models” and then “Accurail HO” for the hoppers and

coal loads.

Go to the NYCSHS online store, “Collinwood Shop” to order.

Click here to order hoppers and loads.

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National Model Railroad Month Sale Begins Today



November is National Model Railroad Month and it offers us the perfect chance to show off our handiwork and at the same time introduce others to the hobby that gives us so much pleasure.

Do it as an individual. Take a few hours, a day, or a whole weekend and invite your friends, (all of them, not just your model railroading friends) neighbors or the whole community to visit your layout. You will be surprised at how many of your co-workers and neighbors down the street are anxious to see what you have been working on so hard. Your layout has given you a great deal of pleasure.

This is a great opportunity to share that pleasure with others. You will get additional pleasure from all the “ohhhs” and “ahhhhs” of your visitors.

If you don’t model, you can introduce your friends to the NYCSHS website and Collinwood Shop to show them some of the wonderful things that the Society provides to members. This is a great time of year to talk about trains and the great New York Central Railroad.

Come to the NYCSHS Collinwood Shop and Save Big Until
November 30.

This sale is for NYCS fans and modelers!!!

Big Savings on Calendars, Central Headlights, selected NYCS models, and selected NYCS Clothing Items

Also Win a Free Green Frog New Video of Frank Schlegel’s films of the Harlem & Putnam Divisions and NYO@W steam action. 


All you need to do to qualify to win the Green Frog DVD is buy something from the store. Every item you buy increases your chances to win.  For every $10 you spend will give you a chance to win.  The drawing for the DVDs will take place on December 10, 2015.  The more you buy the better your chance to win.

Click here to go to the Collinwood Shop and save big until Nov 30th.

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Introducing Bowser HO-Scale EMD F7 Cigar Band Locos at Great Savings

Bowser HO-Scale Pair EMD F7 A/B-Units Locomotives


black green

The EMD F7 was a 1,500-horsepower (1,100 kW) Diesel-electric locomotive produced between February 1949 and December 1953 by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors (EMD) and General Motors Diesel (GMD). Although originally promoted by EMD as a freight-hauling unit, the F7 was also used in passenger service.

Model features: air hoses, windshield wipers, grab irons, coupler lift bars, operating headlight, window glass, can motor, flywheels, nickel silver wheels with RP25 flanges and KD® couplers.

Analog (DC) version features NMRA 21 pin plug for DCC, DCC/Sound version features LokSound Select Dual-Mode decoder which allows locomotive to be used on DC as well as on DCC layouts.

Available in choice of road numbers. You may purchase single A-Units or A/B Unit pairs in standard or DCC/Sound versions.

Non-members price is MSRP, NYCSHS Members Price  is 25% off MSRP.  Shipping extra and Ohio residents must pay 8% Ohio sales tax.

Order yours today. Due Winter 2014!!

To order from the NYCSHS Collinwood Shop and save Click Here!

Details on the locomotive at Bowser Trains: Click Here.

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