Order Your NYC Boxcar and MCRR Gondola Now

MCRR USRA Composite Drop Bottom Gondola





Intermountain Railway Company

Features:  Sharp Painting and Lettering, Metal Wheelsets and  Kadee® Couplers.

Built:  BUILT 12-18

 Car Number  (Our Choice)
  12031   12084   12129
  12165   12217   12350

3390 of them built

Cars had wood sides replaced with steel between 1925 and 1926. Some cars had the wood floor replaced with a steel floor and converted to flat bottom gondolas starting in 1941. Some cars were rebuilt as all steel flat bottom cars starting in 1937 and reassigned lot #660-G. Renumbered to NYC 659800-659999 (DB) OR NYC 624800-624999 (FB)

MSRP $31.95  NYCSHS Members Price $25.56

Expected Delivery September 2014

To order either car click Here!

NYC 10′ Inside Height Post-War Boxcar



The Boxcars are Sold Out.  We may get some more later this spring.  Watch for announcements.

We still have lots of the Gondolas above.



Intermountain Railway Company

Features:  Sharp Painting and Lettering with metal wheelsets and Kadee ® couplers.

Built:  1945

 Car Number (Our Choice)
  175011   175026   175068
  175106   175149   175240


Reassigned to Pacemaker service in 1946 and renumbered NYC174000 -174999. Renumbered back to NYC 175000 – 175999 starting in October 1959. Cars had a variety of high-speed trucks.

MSRP $31.95   NYCSHS Members Price $25.56

The Boxcars are Sold Out.  We may get some more later this spring.  Watch for announcements.


Expected Delivery July 2014

Both prototype photos from Terry Link’s Canadian Southern website.
To order either car click Here!
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The NYCSHS is releasing the long-awaited new Structure DVD


New NYCSHS Structures DVD Available in the “Collinwood Shop”

This DVD has been developed using many of the NYCSHS & Danbury Railway Museum structure drawings.

NYCSHS nci_EverestCD_StandardPlans-raster

This is an all new set of drawings replacing the old DVD.

The NYCSHS has assembled an array of technical drawings and supporting data which rail historians and scale modelers should find of interest. This DVD covers selected engineering standards and technical guidance issued by the NYC&HR Engineering Department at the turn of the nineteenth century that remained in place for many years. Freight and passenger standard station plans as well as section house, stock pen, station fencing, and signage design are but a few of the many areas which provide a look into classic NYC engineering. Coverage of track standards and a variety of aspects of Electric Division facilities, infrastructure, and equipment are apparent in the DVD. The Society is indebted to the Danbury Railway Museum of Danbury, Connecticut for providing many of the drawing files used in the development of this DVD.

Complementing the above “Lines East” drawings and information is a number of LS&MS and Lines West facilities drawings and diagrams. Specific mechanical drawings and yard diagrams of selected Ashtabula, Collinwood, Toledo, Elkhart, Englewood and other facilities from the early 1900’s into the Post War period are to be found. The DVD of 800+ files contains indices to assist the viewer effectively identify drawings and information desired.

The DVDs are available in our online NYCSHS “Collinwood Shop” for $50.00 for non-members and $40.00 for NYCSHS members.  Shipping is free.  Ohio residents must add 8% Ohio sales tax.

Go to the Collinwood Shop to order by clicking here.

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NYCSHS Releases Two New Models

The NYCSHS  Releases Another Pair of NYC HO-Scale Models

The NYCSHS continues to provide detailed NYC models at 20% discount prices to our members.  We are pleased to announce that we are offering a very limited number of two flat car models.  The first is available for purchase now and the second is available for pre-order with delivery expected in the late summer of 2014. They are now sold out!

These Flats are Sold Out!!

The 70-Tonners below are still available.


NYC 42’ Fish Belly Flat Car from Red Caboose

Fish Belly Flats are Sold OUT!!!!!

This Red Caboose 42’ Fish Belly Flatcar is painted oxide red with white New York Central lettering. The model is equipped with metal wheelsets and Kadee® couplers.

BLT  6-30  ER  12-49

Six assorted car numbers

Very Limited Quantities of these are available.

Member’s price $23.16, non-member’s price $28.95 each. Buy a pair for $44.00 member’s price, $55.00 non-members price plus shipping. Ohio residents add 8% Ohio sales tax.

Buy now at: www.nycshs.net

These Flats are Coming Soon!!

Pre-Order Now!!!


This Intermountain 52′ 6″ 70-Ton flat car is painted oxide red with white New York Central lettering. Molded plastic details, wire details, Laser cut wood deck, metal wheelsets and Kadee couplers.

New 6-43  ER  6-15-43

Six assorted car numbers

Very Limited Quantities of these are available.

Reserve them now. Late summer 2014 release.

Member’s price $25.56, non-member’s price $31.95 each. Buy a pair for $49.00 member’s price, $63.90 non-members price plus shipping. Ohio residents add 8% Ohio sales tax.

Buy now at: www.nycshs.net

The NYCSHS Modelers Committee will continue to bring these accurate NYCS models to our members.  The cabooses are coming and we have a non-HO-scale model to be announced soon. Watch for this non-HO-scale model release sometime in the next couple of months.  It will not be a flat car and it will not be HO-scale. Stay tuned.

Thank you for being a member.

NYCSHS LogoSmall

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Spring 2014 NYCentral Modeler is Here

The Spring 2014 NYCentral Modeler is Here

nycshs e zine photos 035

Vic Roman’s New York Central’s Hudson Division layout is the lead article in this quarter’s edition.  Enjoy reading about his wonderful modeling ability and see some great photos of this great railroad.

This second issue for 2014 brings you an interesting article about former NYC employee, Maurice Lewman’s 1/4-scale model of a locomotive Baker Gear.You will find detailed drawings of the CR tower in the “NYC Engineering Department” from Manuel Duran-Duran with a model of that tower build by Larry Faulkner in “The Harmon Files”.  These two regular NYCentral Modeler staff members continue to add professional credit to the magazine.Rick De Candido contributes an interesting article on “Building a NYC DFA/B-1a”.  Rick takes us through a history of this early NYC diesel locomotive and a step-by-step process of creating an accurate model in HO-scale.

One of the NYCSHS’s newest members and perhaps its youngest, Philip Lee, tells us how he became a NYC modeler and shares how he modified a Intermountain steel-sided reefer to more closely resemble an MDT steel-sided reefer numbered in the 900 series.

You will be treated to a “press release” from 1958 as Andy Szabo tells us about how if solved a vexing problem with a curve that was too tight on his NYC layout.

Richard Feldman gives us a guided tour of his NYC N-scale railroad  set in Ohio.  You will also see some of his fine building models and hear how he became a modeler in N-scale.  This article is a welcome change from the many HO-scale articles we usually find in the magazine.

And, of course, you will read about “What’s New for NYCS Modeling” and letters to the magazine in “NYCSHS RPO Letters and Emails”.  You will also enjoy the many photos of some of the modeling being done by NYCSHS members in “The Photo Section”.

Don’t miss out on this exciting issue.  Click here to read or download: NYCentral Modeler

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Toledo’s National Train Day

Toledo, Ohio’s National Train Day


One of the biggest
Train Day celebrations in the country!
Amtrak Train Cars | Norfolk Southern and W&LE Engines
Model Trains
| Food | Music | Freight Rail Displays
Rail Art & History
| Train Trip Drawings | Kids’ Rides
Vendor Booths
| Prizes

new_york_central heritage

Norfolk Southern Corporate Photo

Norfolk Southern’s New York Central Heritage Locomotive is making a special appearance at Toledo’s National Train Day. The locomotive will be part of display equipment and will be available for photographs.

Downstairs at track level, there will be quite a display. So far for this year, Amtrak has committed to sending four single level cars and a P-42. From the Wheeling and Lake Erie, we will have a recently out-shopped SD40-2 from their Brewster facility. Hulcher, who performs re-railing services for most class one lines, will have a side winder and several pieces of their equipment for viewing as well.

The highlight this year will be Norfolk Southern’s New York Central “Heritage” locomotive. Norfolk Southern’s CEO, Wick Moorman, has  graciously granted our request for the unit. We specifically asked for that engine, considering the rich history Toledo and the NYC share together. To our knowledge, this is the first time (other than Spencer) the NYC Heritage Locomotive will be on display for the public to view and photograph.

With traffic levels increasing, NS needs all of the power that they have. That being said, this is probably the only time that this engine will be available to be photographed in a former NYC station on former NYC rails. It is truly a rare occasion, one that we would like to share with all the fans of the NYC.

The event will be held on May 3, 2014, at the Amtrak Station in the Martin Luther King Plaza. Hours are 9:00-4:00 and is free to the public.

For information: TrainDayToledo@aol.com | 2014 Flyer | Poster
Sponsor form | Vendor form

419-241-9155 ext. 134

Free Admission   Free Parking

Toledo National Train Day Planning Committee


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NYCSHS 2nd Modeler Survey Results

Results from the Second NYCSHS Modeler Survey.


The NYCSHS has a large number of members who model the NYCS in a variety of scales.  The Society created a Modelers Committee to better serve our members who model.  We have introduced many modeling features to supplement the services and products we offer to members.  As part of that effort we have conducted two surveys to better understand what our members desire from the Society for modeling.  The latest survey has just been completed and we wanted to share the results with you.

If you are interested in reading the results of the latest NYCSHS survey on modeling click here.

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The 2014 NYCSHS Convention Is Coming Soon!

Check Out The NYCSHS 2014 Convention Information on the Convention Pull Down Menu at the Top of this Page

It’s Almost Here!!!!

Only 2 slots left for the Convention!!!! If you want to go you better make a reservation today.

Click Here to Reserve a Spot.


We are filling up fast!!

We have posted several new events that will be happening at the convention and some information about the new 2014 Convention T-shirts and NYCSHS Polo Shirts that may be pre-ordered to be picked up at the Convention.

There is information about the Convention Train Show, Silent Auction and Model Showcase in addition to all of the other information the events at the Convention and about registering for the convention and reserving a hotel.

Don’t miss out on this exciting convention.  We are almost sold out so go to the website and see what we have in store for you this year.   Click on the “Convention” pull down menu at the top of this page to see what it is all about.

We have added some additional information about the “Age of Steam” roundhouse tour that you need to review.  We have also added release forms for the tour that must be completed prior to your arrival to check in at the convention.

Don’t Miss This One!!

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