NYCSHS Model Offerings

NYCSHS Model Offerings

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Bethlehem Car Works (BCW) and the NYCSHS Modeling Committee are collaborating to produce HO scale models of New York Central heavyweight dining cars, built by Pullman Car & Manufacturing Co. in 1927 and 1928. Older modelers may remember the same cars modeled by Walthers back in the wood-and-metal kit era, both as individual kit FP-3 and as part of their 20th Century Limited set.

Prototype Information

These cars are shown in the 1944 NYC Classification Book as diagram G-18 (B&A, G-19). NYC specifications were 701-D (1927) and 701-E (1928). Originally the cars seated 36 in the dining room; during World War II some were reconfigured to seat 40.

The 1927 cars were built to Pullman plan 7119 in lot 6070, and the 1928 cars were built to plan 7119-A in lot 6199. Unlike Pullman sleeping cars built in the same period, these cars did not have “pediment” ends. Single cylinder UC brake systems were used. Roof hatches were used to load ice for refrigeration purposes, and water was stored in tanks above the kitchen to allow food preparation to begin while the car was in the yard with no train air. NYC lots and numbers were as follows.

Earlier NYC diner designs lacked the kitchen service door, while 1930 cars had a wide clerestory roof and later, ice activated air conditioning. Beginning in 1935 the cars represented by this model were air conditioned using mechanical air conditioning systems under Pullman lot A-6435. Only the dining room was air conditioned and the mechanical equipment was in the roof above the vestibule.

Kit Information

The kit includes decals in both Gothic and Roman decals, which should allow for both Pullman Green and Two-tone gray paint schemes, Branchline Pullman body, 3D printed car sides, resin roof with AC ductwork, Branchline center sill, two brake systems, various detail parts and Branchline 2410 trucks less wheel and couplers.

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