NYCSHS Digital Shop


This capability is online now and you can use this new website to browse through the currently over 58,000 images. We have now rolled out the new NYCSHS Digital Shop for you to purchase these images.

The new Archive and Shop are

available at

For additional information about the archive, please email

The new archive is powered by Omeka.Net:

Please go to the Digital Archive and browse the large collection of images.

Become familiar with what is there and enjoy!!!

Digital Store is rolled out and you can now select the ones you wish to purchase and order them directly from that site.  Payment options include checks, money orders, credit cards and PayPal. And once the payment is made, your product will be sent directly to you digitally by email.

The NYCSHS IT Committee will be adding additional products in the coming months to eventually provide a complete selection of individual digital products for all of the material in our NYCSHS database.

“The new archive system now serves as the central resource for making our extraordinary collection of photos, maps, drawings and track plans available to NYCS railroad enthusiasts,” said David Mackay, President of the NYCSHS. “The implementation team has done an outstanding job of developing this resource for the Society and we thank them for their contribution.”

NYCSHS Announces a New Archive

Digital Shop!!!

The new NYCSHS Archive Digital Shop puts these thousands of photos at your fingertips, just a couple of mouse clicks away.

Here is your chance to see NYC railroading as it really was, to rekindle your NYC memories, guide your layout dreams, to help your modeling, and to further your understanding of the NYC.

Covid-19 is still very much with us and it is causing issues that will continue to delay full implementation of this new capability quickly, but we are continuing to work on this as we can. We plan to add maps, drawings, and other media in the future.