National NYC Railroad Museum Important Fundraising

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The National New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart, IN is in the midst of revitalizing a very important attraction.  The Century Flyer is a 2 foot narrow gauge locomotive with three trailing passenger cars.  These trains were manufactured by the National Amusement Devices Co. of Dayton, Ohio and were built from the 1940s-1960s and were very popular at theme parks and zoos.  Very few of these trains have survived in full running condition.  We are fortunate to have this important piece of Americana and it has become a favorite among our patrons.  We plan to expand the length of the railroad as well as update signs and markers along the way in order to make the experience both educational and entertaining.  The cost of the project is estimated at $21,000 which includes additional rail, ties, spikes, and ballast. 

NIBCO1The Friends of the National New York Central Railroad Museum (a 501(C)3 organization) is reaching out in order to secure funding.  The Friends are planning to contribute a portion of the funding, as well as applying for several grants.  We are looking for additional sponsors to provide the remaining portion of the cost.  Would you consider a sponsorship at one of the levels below?

$25_____   $50_____  $100_____  $250_____  $500_____  Other_______

All sponsors will have their name on a sign near the Century Flyer rail yard to show appreciation for their generous contribution.  On behalf of The Friends of the National New York Central Railroad Museum we thank you for considering this request.  

Checks may be payable to:    

Friends of the National New York Central Railroad Museum

721 South Main Street, Elkhart, IN 46516

Or donate online at: 

Click on the photo of the Century Flyer and choose the level of donation you wish to make.


Brent Holaway, Curator- National NYC Railway Museum

Member of the Friends of the National New York Central Railroad Museum




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