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Mohawk DivisionBook Cover Template

Written and published by John Ham.

Over the past two decades, author John Ham has produced several books about the New York Central Railroad in New York State. His most recent publication was the book about the Central’s Hudson’s Division entitled From Grand Central to Albany.

The focus of this book is on the New York Central’s “Glory Years” using a  multitude of  fine steam and early diesel photos taken along the Water Level Route by some of the most noted rail photographers of the 20th Century using their original negatives and prints that have been graciously loaned to the author by dif­ferent historical societies and collectors.

This 384-page volume contains not only superb New York Central photos, but images of the Central’s Branch Lines, other  connecting railroads, and industries that were served by the Central in one capacity or another. There are more than 650 images between the covers. We hope you will take this journey along the sce­nic Mohawk Valley with us and enjoy it as much as we have in offering this book.

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