The NYCSHS Announced A New Book – We Are Sold Out – Check With One of the Train Book Stores as They Still Have Copies!!


We No Longer Have Any Left !!!!

Sorry You Missed Out.


HOJACK is the definitive story of the historic and surviving contemporary lines of the Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad and – after its 1891 acquisition by the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad – the RW&O Division. The word Hojack is a term of endearment that has always meant the RW&O railroad past, and even present lines.

At its height, the RW&O Division was comprised of just over 700 miles of trackage, which spanned the length and breadth of upstate New York. The RW&O railroad and division extended from the Adirondacks to the Niagara Escarpment, and from the Mohawk River Valley to the St. Lawrence River and on into Canada via Massena.

To satisfactorily present all of this, HOJACK is composed of 12 chapters, totaling 768 pages, upon which are displayed 1,392 images (266 color) – maps, black and white photographs, color photographs, drawings, and ephemera. Because of this, Authors Peter Gores and John Taibi, along with the assistance of David Link and Richard Palmer can authoritatively proclaim that HOJACK is a complete work regarding its presentation of historic fact and current presence supported by the above imagery.

This is a fascinating book about an extremely interesting part of the NYCS.  The authors have produced over 55 books dealing with railroading’s history, mostly within New York State. We know what makes a book interesting and informative. HOJACK does this as well.



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7 Responses to The NYCSHS Announced A New Book – We Are Sold Out – Check With One of the Train Book Stores as They Still Have Copies!!

  1. Wallace H. Day says:

    A week or two ago I returned a “letter of intent” to reserve and order a copy of the “Hojack Book”. Unfortunately due to a memory lapse ( or senior moment) I cannot recall if I included payment information ( at the members discounted price). Last week I emailed an inquiry about this, but I’ve never received reply to this inquiry
    I DO NOT want to miss the opportunity to receive my copy of this much-anticipated book. If you could kindly advise, I will furnish payment information if need be.
    My NYCHS Membernumber is 1990. My home and mailing address is 4235 Route 9,
    Plattsburgh NY 12901-5627. Home/cell PH if (518) 727-6225? To confirm my email:
    I will anxiously wait your reply.

    • If you mailed to order and a check we will get that this week. The mail is slow and it goes to our P.O. box in Leesburg, VA and then comes to us from there. You can expect to get the book early next week if you sent the correct amount in your check.

  2. David J Almeter says:

    The PHHS Museum has received its 5 book order about the RW&O Hojack RR, but I have not received my order # NYCSHS15073 yet. Please let me know where I stand?

    • Because we haven’t shipped the individual orders yet. They go out this week. The museum order was shipped directly from the printer. The individual orders go to our Headquarters and then are mailed to the person. You should get that one sometime later this week or early next week.

  3. Richard H. Jordan III says:

    Anyone know where to get a copy? I have been calling all over and can not get my hands on one. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank You -Richard H. Jordan III

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