National Train Day Toledo

National Train Day Toledo has been

cancelled due to the Coronavirus!!!



NTDT save the date front back

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 1.02.40 PM

For more details go to:

Don’t Miss It!!!




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2 Responses to National Train Day Toledo

  1. William Bond says:

    I could not find an e-mail address,nor link to the editor of the “HEADLIGHT”, so I hope this message gets to the magazine: The Lincoln photo on page 16 is most likely a 1930 factory Standard Tonneau Cowl Phaeton model 176B, or a Standard Sport Touring Model 177. The frontal aspect of Lincolns was nearly identical for many years. 1930 was the first year that had fenders in a color other than black. The sheet metal covering the frame is deeper than on later Lincolns, so I think it is a 1930. It might be a slightly older on with repainted fenders.

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