Empire State Express Campaign

Empire State Express Campaign

We have created a magnificent Archive and the

ESE Fund has Grown to Allow use to Continue the Job!

We have made great progress so far and we are so close to our goal. 

The Empire State Express Has Arrived

at Cleveland!

Map of the Empire State Express Campaign

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 8.34.51 AM

The Empire State Express Has Arrived at Cleveland!!!

If you have donated, we thank you

for your contribution to this important activity.

We Made It!!

If you still wish to contribute to this important fund, the money

will be used to continue the activities at the NYCSHS archive.

We have so much to do and will continue to need funds to achieve

all of the activities we have on our Archive Strategic Plan

To Continue to Contribute You Can do it

Online or by Mail

Contribute On Line at:


Or Mail Your Contributions To:


P.O. Box 328

Shady Side,MD 20764

ESE Fund Resize

The focus for the “Empire State Express” funds will be on furthering the Society’s mission of making information available.  The funds will be used for:

  • Continuing the scanning of historical materials  – computers, scanners and paying for scanning we cannot do.
  • Maintaining and improving the IT system- Expand the IT system for new users at the archive, add additional website capability, obtain additional contract IT support,  add secure backup in a cloud based system – continue to add features and applications to the existing system.
  • Acquisition of new materials – This is for the purchase of NYCS photos, maps and other memorabilia that is determined to be important to our history.
  • Expanding the library – Adding reference material and improving the database to make retrieval of library references
  • Displaying object collections, such as models, china, silver and memorabilia – Purchase of display cabinets for the object collections
  • Coordinating with other railway historical societies – Offering material not associated with the NYCS that we have acquired through donations to other societies.  – Shipping and postage to do this
  • Expanding the help which we provide to members, historians, authors and model makers. – Adding applications, databases and security that make it easier to do research in the archive.
  • Support of other NYC related historical activities. – Providing general support to other NYC related activities in the form of grants and support.


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