The NYCSHS 2019 Convention Was a Huge Success

Take a Look at the 2019 NYCSHS


Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 1.08.03 PM

From registration to the end of the Train Show the

attendees had a wonderful time.

Here are some photos of some of the events


Attendees leave the train for the Mediana Train Museum.


Nothing like a train of lightning stripe cars!!


These beautiful E’s are just rusting away but they look great at the museum.

They attracted the attention of most of the attendees.

IMG_1607  IMG_1609

IMG_1609  IMG_1610

The train layout was running NYC trains for us.  A very impressive layout and a great museum.


A grand old lady that is slowly falling apart, but the volunteers there are very busy trying to restore her to her previous grandeur.

IMG_1613 IMG_1614

IMG_1615  IMG_1616

Some shots of the interior waiting room. You can’t help but be impressed with the faded beauty of this structure and the enormous job ahead of the preservation organization.

All of the above photos by Noel Widdifield.

The Wonderful Large Scale Railroad of Mike Leonard

was on display for the attendees on Friday afternoon.

  Take a look!!!


GRR-1484W  GRR-1497W

GRR-1505W GRR-1508W

GRR-8023W  GRR-1529W



All photos in this section by Nick Ariemma

At the convention your NYCSHS Business

Manager/Treasure and editor of the NYCentral Modeler

received a model he had purchased earlier this year.


D61_8072-EditNick Ariemma photo

An Aristocraft RDC-3 modified with custom parts by Tom Ball of Forked River, NJ as a tribute to engineer pilot, Don Wetzel and the NYC Railroad.  Ownership of this 1/29-scale model passing from former NYCSHS director, Bill Strassner to Noel Widdifield. Noel purchased the model and Nick Ariemma brought it to the Convention for Noel and Bill.

It will go to start running on Noel’s 1/29-scale layout.  All involved had hoped that Don would be in attendance to see the model.


Watch this website for information about the 2020 50th Anniversary Convention in Cleveland.


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