The NYCSHS Archive Photo and ValMap Collection is Now Available to You

NYCSHS Announces!!!!

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The Society Archive Photo Collection

Is Now Available to You

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First Three Photo CDs are Now

Available In The Collinwood Shop

These three CDs are the first of a series of NYCS photo CDs providing a collection of photos from the NYCSHS archives.  Each CD has between 150 and 225 photos of a series of locomotives from each of the builders that provided locomotives for the NYCS.

These first three photo CDs provide a imagery record of the minor locomotive builders for the NYCS.  They contain photos of some of the more interesting locomotive designs that ran on the NYCS.  Each CD provides coverage of each class of locomotive from that builder that ran on the NYCS. Check out the “Sharks,” Gravel Gerties,” and other unique locomotives of the NYCS.

These three CDs are just the beginning of this series and you can expect to find more of your favorite NYCS locomotives on upcoming releases.  They will include all of the steam and diesel locos that ran on the NYCS.  Once the locomotives CDs are all produced, we plan to continue the series with rolling stock and structures.

Start your collection of these photos today with these three unique locomotive builder photos.  All of the collections will include builders photos and action shots of the locos in everyday use.

Click Here to View the Photo CDs for Purchase!!!

We are also opening up the NYCSHS

Archive Photo Collection for you to

purchase individual photos.

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Here are four of the nearly 30,000 of images

available to purchase on the new

Photo & Val Map website.

To review and purchase the photo or Val Map

offerings from the NYCSHS follow the steps below:


  1. Review and select the photos you wish to purchase and copy the list onto something that will allow you to retrieve the listing once you get to the Collinwood Shop.
  2. Open the Collinwood Shop at
  3. Log into your account using your password to obtain the member’s price.
  4. Click on the “NYCSHS Archive Products, Photos and Val Maps” CATEGORY on left side of the home page of the shop.
  5. Select the“Digital Photo” or “Digital Val Map” option.
  6. Copy your list of photos or Val Map images into the “List of Photos” box.
  7. Put the number of photos or Val Map images in the “Quantity” box.
  8. Check out as you would normally for any purchase in the Collinwood Shop.

In order to view and select the images you wish

to purchase, click here for the website.

Once you have selected the images you wish to

purchase, go to the Collinwood Shop to make your purchase. 


Images will be sent as PDFs by email.  Email is free and

we offer no other options. 

Click here to place your order after selecting the images.


You must place the order by including the image numbers and selecting the number of images you wish to purchase.

There is a Val Map and a Photo section on the site.  Be sure to read the instructions on how to use the website before you begin!!!

Click Here to Download and/or View the

Photo Website Instructions.



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