1st Qtr. 2018 NYCentral Modeler is Ready for Your Enjoyment

1st Qtr. 2018 NYCentral Modeler is Ready for Your Enjoyment

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The cover photo for this quarter’s edition is from Bruce Ryan’s “NYC’s West Side Freight” and he tells us how he modeled it. Mark Sklar relates his efforts in “Building the NYCS Four-Track Main.” We hear about a structure model that we want to have offered in Ralph Schiring‘s “Potential Lines West Brick and Stone Station Model.” Tom Long presents “Modeling a Post-War Empire State Express J-3 in N-Scale.” Dan Howard offers, “Modeling the Taconic Division – Operations – Part 2.” Bob Shaw’s “Refurbishing Vintage Vehicles and Trucks” continues his regular column. And you also get all of the regular features with “NYCSHS RPO,” “Extra Board,” “What’s New,” and “The Observation Car.” All in the Jan 1, 2018 edition.

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