4th Quarter 2017 Central Headlight Is In the Mail November 6.

Next Issue of Central Headlight Is In The Mail

on November 6


If you’re a member of the NYCSHS, there’s some great holiday reading in store for you in the 4th Quarter issue of Central Headlight, as well as dozens of never-before published photos of your favorite railroad.  It was mailed to you on November 6. Members who have paid to received digital copies will also receive it on that date.

If you’re not a member, this would be a great time to join for 2018, because in addition to the four great 2018 issues you will receive with your membership, you will receive this final 2017 issue as a bonus. That’s five issues for the price of four!

Members are reminded that you need to renew your membership to continue receiving Central Headlight. You can do this using the handy membership renewal form that you will find inserted in the magazine, or better yet, you can do it on-line at www.nycshs.net today!


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