The Grand Opening Was a Success

Ribbon Cut at NYCSHS Headquarters



On Saturday NYCSHS members, guests and the Board of Directors attended the Grand Opening of our new headquarters in Middleburg Heights, OH.  A large crowd watched as the ribbon was cut at the new facility.  NYCSHS founder, Joe Quinlivan, and NYCSHS president, Dave Mackay used a pair of large scissors to cut the red ribbon at the entrance to the building.

officers - nycshs - headquarters grand opening - september 23, 2017 - d. leffler

Former president, Rich Stoving, current president, Dave Mackay, archivist, Joe Epperson, treasurer and business manager, Noel Widdifield, and NYCSHS founder Joe Quinlivan pose in front of the red ribbon and the headquarters building just prior to the cutting of the ribbon and opening of the new facility.

attendees - nycshs - headquarters grand opening - september 23, 2017 - d. leffler

The large tent provided much needed shade for attendees as the temperature reached the mid-eighties for the event.  Attendees watched as Dave Mackay recognized all who had contributed to the completing the facility for the Society and the ribbon was cut to open it to the members.

cutting of the cake - nycshs - headquarters grand opening - september 23, 2017 - d. leffler

Joe Epperson assisted by Rich Stoving  cut the cake decorated with the NYCSHS logo as the NYCSHS board of directors stand behind them.  After the cake was cut, it, drinks, and a large array of snacks were provided to all who attended.


The NYCSHS Board of Directors

Back row – Nick Ariemma, Noel Widdifield, Tom Gerbracht, Rich Stoving, Dave Mackay, Shel Lustig, Ralph Schiring, Darwin Simonaitis, Mike Vescelus.

Front row – Jim Suhs, Joe Epperson, Dick Barrett

The new NYCSHS Headquarters is complete and the contributions from members to the Flight of the Century fund made it possible to completely furnish and equip the facility.  A plaque honoring all who contributed is prominently located above the reception desk at the entrance to the facility.

Photos by Nick Ariemma and Doug Leffler.


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