NYCSHS 2018 Membership

NYCSHS 2018 Membership

New York Central System Historical Society, Inc. NYCSHS LogoSmall copy

Board of Directors

P.O. Box 130

Gates Mills, OH 44040-0130

July 1, 2017

NYCSHS Members:

Notice of Dues Increase

In an effort to ensure that the NYCSHS continues its mission of keeping the legacy of the New York Central System alive, the Board of Directors must ensure a stable financial foundation and provide for the longevity of the Society. Over the past 18 months the Board has conducted a complete financial review and initiated a number of actions necessary to underpin this effort. One of these actions is a small but necessary increase in our annual dues.

The Board has approved a $5 increase in the annual membership cost, raising Regular annual membership from $39 to $44. This increase will be reflected in 2018 membership renewals and in new memberships beginning August 1, 2017.

In reaching this decision, your Board recognized that the continuing increase in Member benefits, as well as the increase in the costs of providing member services, has continued to grow. Since the Society’s last dues increase eight years ago, the average household has experienced a cost of living increase of 13.5%, and your Society’s costs have grown at that rate as well. The dues increase is a full percentage point below those cost of living increases.

Since 2009 you’ve seen major changes in our best in class quarterly magazine Central Headlight. It now comes to you on time, in an expanded page format and with color images in each issue. Our website was a dream in 2009 and now is a reality. Collinwood Shop was an idea that has blossomed into an online retail service for all who share our common interest. Open to all on the Internet, it offers Members a significant 20% discount on NYC merchandise and models.

Collinwood Shop has brought NYC enthusiasts books, logo clothing, movies mastered to DVD, models, memorabilia, art prints, engineering DVDs, valuation map DVDs, and shortly will deliver photo DVDs. The Society maintains a social media presence beyond our web page with a Facebook page and a Members only Yahoo group. Our quarterly e-zine, NYCentral Modeler is recognized in the modeling community for both the quality and quantity of its articles.

We are proud that we now have a Society home and proper storage for the Archives. This move makes the Archives more accessible for your research. A capital campaign, Flight of The Century, raised the money necessary to move, complete minor site renovations, decorate and equip our new headquarters. Dues money was not used for those purposes. Dues have paid for multiple storage units over the years and will continue to pay our monthly operating costs for the new facility.

In short, we have multiplied Member benefits and created a dynamic, growing, and valuable benefit proposition for our Members. The NYCSHS is recognized as a leader in the railroad historical community. We value you as a Member and look forward to continuing to serve your needs in the coming years.

For the NYCSHS Board of Directors

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 7.29.50 AM

David Mackay, President


P.S. Remember that all correspondence in reference to membership should be addressed to:

NYCSHS Membership Chair

P.O. Box 264

Emerson, NJ 07630

We will begin to accept 2018 membership

applications and renewals on Aug 1, 2017.

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7 Responses to NYCSHS 2018 Membership

  1. Sam Shumaker says:

    Dave, First of all the average income may be up 13% for working people in a secure job but not for retired people like me. I almost did not renew when the increase in dues was announced matter of fact some people dropped out at that time. You have to realize people live by a lower financial standard in other parts of the country. My point is we don’t need a dues increase at this time and certainly not a double digit increase. Just my opinion.

    • Sam,
      Sorry to hear that you disapprove of the increase. The increase is $5.00 for the year. That is the cost of two sodas at one of the meals you get for working at the archive.
      If we don’t raise the dues we will go out of business. If you have any other ideas how about how to keep the Society solvent I would be glad to hear them.
      I know because I am the business manager and treasurer.
      Thanks, Noel

  2. Sam says:

    Noel, I have no further comment. Thanks, Sam

  3. James Greller says:

    My name is James Greller NUMBER LO 416. and I have not received my latest issue of Headlights. Can you check into this matter, thank you

  4. Bill Allard says:

    How do I actually access a screen that will allow me to pay dues for 2018?

    • Bill,
      You go to the Collinwood Shop. You can do that by clicking on the “Store” button on the website. It will take you there or you can go directly at and then look under the “Memberships” button under “Catagory” banner on the right side of the store home page.

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