Our “New” New York Central System Historical Society Shipping Department





For many years our NYCSHS Secretary, Jim Suhs, has done all of the shipping of back issues and issues to new members of Central Headlights, all of the NYCSHS calendars, all books, DVDs, and much of our memorabilia.

We decided that we needed to move that function to our new Headquarters and give Jim a break after almost 45 years of providing this valuable service.

When we acquired the new Headquarters, it was our intention to move the shipping of all of our Collinwood Shop items to that facility.


To do that we have set up an office and storage at the Headquarters and recruited a volunteer, Bob Wasko, to be our Chief Shipping Agent.

Bob has done a wonderful job of getting things set up to receive all of the material that Jim has been storing in his basement. Bob has experience in shipping from his retirement career in a local UPS store and this has helped us greatly in setting up our facility.

In order to make the change over, Jim Suhs will take all of the material that he has and bring it to the 2017 NYCSHS Convention in Marlborough, MA for the Collinwood Shop set up there.

Following the Train Show on Sunday, May 7, he will transport all of the material to the Headquarters back in Middleburg Heights, OH.

He will arrive there on May 9 and he and Bob will move all of the material into the Shipping Department in the Headquarters. The following week, Mike Vescelus and I will arrive at the Headquarters to help Bob get all of the items organized, inventoried and priced.

Sometime around May 19, all of this should be completed and we will be back in business.

The models will continue to be shipped by Dave Mackay until near the end of 2017, when we will move that shipping to the Headquarters, as well.

This means that any item ordered from the Collinwood Shop between April 28 and May 19 will not be shipped until after May 19.


We are sorry for this brief inconvenience to our members during this time, but this new arrangement will make shipping much easier and convenient for our members.

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