NYC Mohawk #2933


The Museum of Transportation in St. Louis  has finished the NYC Mohawk #2933. They are planning a public unveiling for both steam engines on May 20th. They also plan on having NS bring Wabash and/or NYC Heritage units. We will keep you posted on this event.

To read the full story on #2933 click here.

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3 Responses to NYC Mohawk #2933

  1. Why does the February 10, 2017 posting on Engine 2933, an L-2 Mohawk, include a photograph of an L-3 Mohawk, the first of which was built 11 years later than the 2933? Also, I believe that the NYC acquired a total of exactly 600 engines of the 4-8-2 wheel arrangement, from 1916 through 1944.

  2. But the posting is about Engine 2933, an L-2 Mohawk and the engine in the photograph is an L-3 Mohawk! Wouldn’t it have been easy to substitute a photograph of Engine 2933 for that of the newer engine? We should not be in the business of publishing erroneous information about our railroad’s locomotives.

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