NYC Mohawk #2933


The Museum of Transportation in St. Louis  has finished the NYC Mohawk #2933. They are planning a public unveiling for both steam engines on May 20th. They also plan on having NS bring Wabash and/or NYC Heritage units. We will keep you posted on this event.

To read the full story on #2933 click here.

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11 Responses to NYC Mohawk #2933

  1. Why does the February 10, 2017 posting on Engine 2933, an L-2 Mohawk, include a photograph of an L-3 Mohawk, the first of which was built 11 years later than the 2933? Also, I believe that the NYC acquired a total of exactly 600 engines of the 4-8-2 wheel arrangement, from 1916 through 1944.

  2. But the posting is about Engine 2933, an L-2 Mohawk and the engine in the photograph is an L-3 Mohawk! Wouldn’t it have been easy to substitute a photograph of Engine 2933 for that of the newer engine? We should not be in the business of publishing erroneous information about our railroad’s locomotives.

  3. Hello, please ask subscription chair to send a membership renewal by mail – I was unable to use Online renewal. Thank you. Hiram Graves # 2162

  4. Philip M says:

    I live in St. Louis and visited the Museum of Transportation today. A lovely trip and 2933 was sat out in the sun, looking resplendent in her fresh coat of paint. I took a few photographs; if the NYCHS would like to have copies of them, you would be more than welcome to use or publish them as you see fit. Just have the web-master contact me using the hidden email address in the reply or post a reply here with an email address to send them to.

  5. doug brown says:

    Will someone please beg the St. Louis Museum to put a decent NYC pilot on this engine? They had both styles……. but Dual service engines had decent pilots……….

  6. Mark Deutscher says:

    I recently saw for sale a sign. The owner says it’s from the Mich Cent as that is the line that ran through town. It is about 21″ tall, made of steel, and has j 61 on it in a vertical format.I don’t believe it is from a signal. Does anyone know what this sign means?

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