Next Issue of Central Headlight Will Mail on November 11


Most NYC enthusiasts will recall that the inaugural runs of Central’s streamlined Empire State Express occurred on December 7, 1941, a day that all Americans remember as Pearl Harbor Day. To be sure, there was scant coverage of those first runs of streamlined Nos. 50 and 51 in the press, as the United States declared war on Imperial Japan on the following day.

In recognition of the 75th Anniversary of both events, the principal article in our November issue discusses the events that led New York Central to develop the 1941 Empire, provides details of its construction and appearance, and gives some details about its first runs. Written by rail historian John C. Dahl, the article is profusely illustrated, and should be welcomed by all who are interested in passenger train operations.

The lead article, “Moving a Mountain,” discusses the complex logistics involved in moving our archives to our new Headquarters, while providing a few glimpses of the facility as it appeared on moving day. Other articles recall operations at Tower NW on the Harlem side of the Electric Division, look at small-town freight operations on the Norwalk Branch, and explain how an elderly Pacific found her feet on some very slippery rails. Wrapping up the issue in the holiday spirit, the last article provides a colorful look at some of New York Central’s classic Christmas-themed magazine advertising.

This big, 48-page issue should be in members’ hands well in time for some great holiday reading. If you’re not a member, join now for 2017. You’ll receive a copy of this final 2016 issue as a bonus!

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