4th Qtr. 2016 NYCentral Modeler

The NYCSHS On-Line Modeling Magazine

Published Quarterly to Provide a Publication Dedicated to Modeling of the NYCS.

4th Qtr. 2016 NYCentral Modeler


You will find all the usual features in this quarter’s edition with lots of new model information, several interesting letters we have received and answered, the “Observation Car’ with previews of the January 2017 edition, and columns by President, Rich Stoving and NYCentral Modeler Editor, Noel Widdifield.

The articles begin with a very interesting model developed by Dan Apostal.  He models a hot box on a freight car and you will see a video of it in action.

Dave Mackay, NYCSHS director and chair of the NYCSHS Modelers Committee, returns with a short very visual article on “Modeling NYCS Depots with the Woodward Station Kit” that we offer in the Collinwood Shop.

One of our previous authors, Bob Shaw, continues to share his unique modeling of the NYCS with “Making Good Looking, One-of-a Kind Freight Cars”.  It is always interesting to see what Bob comes up with using his excellent O-gauge modeling skills.

Dan Howard brings us a tale about modeling “NYC and New Haven in the Shadows of the Taconics”.  He blends the NYCS and the New Haven railroads into a very interesting and profession layout.

In the series, “Modeling 2nd Sections of the Century in Post WW II Era, Part 3” by Dave Staplin, he continues this set of articles telling us everything there is to know about this section of the NYCS’s 20th Century Limited.

In another of the regular features by Larry Faulkner and Manuel Duran-Duran will will see the first NYCSHS O-scale exclusive offering of a NYCS Branchline switch cabin.  Larry tells us how to build this unique O-scale model.  He also includes the HO-scale model that is currently on sale in the Collinwood Shop. And Manuel provides the history and excellent scale drawings of the “New York Central System Standard Mile Post.

Finally, David Howarth shares his fifth in the series on his “New York Central West Shore in O-scale” from Australia.  He even runs one of his trains for us and tells us about the challenges of building such a very large layout.

You will also read about the latest on the NYCS 19000 caboose from TrueLine Trains and hear about the “Flight of the Century” campaign that has been so successful.

Don’t miss out!! Read it now at Click here to read.

Be sure to check out this latest edition.  We have some really informative articles for you!!

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Don’t miss out!! Read it now at Click here to read.

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