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3rd Qtr. 2016 NYCentral Modeler


This edition brings you some very
interesting articles and some
exciting features.

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You will find all the usual features in this quarter’s edition with lots of new model information, several interesting letters we have received and answered, the “Observation Car’ with previews of the October 2016 edition, and columns by President, Rich Stoving and Noel Widdifield.

The articles begin with the second in the series, “Modeling 2nd Sections of the Century in Post WW II Era” by Dave Staplin. Dave continues this set of articles telling us everything there is to know about this section of the NYCS’s 20th Century Limited.

Keith Taylor tells us an interesting story about the origin of his “Live Steam Hudson” and provides some excellent photos of this interesting model. Alan Schofield from Great Briton writes about his NYCS layout and also includes some really great photos of some of his modeling of the Harmon “substation” or tower in USA language.

One of our previous authors continues his tale on his “NYC’s Weehawken Terminal – Part 2” and show us how he brought water to his Hudson River terminal. We will see again some of his excellent models of the NYC’s tugs, barges and assorted other watercraft.

NYCSHS Director, Dave Mackay, spins a tale about his efforts in “Developing a Model for the NYCSHS. You will also see many photos of towers found along the River Division near his home. Dave is an excellent modeler and shares the story of one of the first structure models developed exclusively for the NYCSHS.

Finally, Seth Lakin returns with another article for us. This one is not about his modeling but about an elusive piece of rolling stock that many NYCS models are not aware. Read about the “NYC’s Diesel Fuel Tank Cars” and see photos of these only 50 cars that the NYC owned.

You will also read about the results form the NYCSHS fourth “Modeling Survey” and hear about the new NYCSHS “Headquarters” and the “Flight of the Century” campaign that was kicked off this month.

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Noel Widdifield

Editor, NYCentral Modeler

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