NYCS Book Sale

NYCS Book Sale

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We have a large selection of brand new books for

you to buy at NYCSHS discounted prices.

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Two new books with lots of NYCS action:  New York Central Power  for $47.96 and Railroad Town, Jackson Michigan for $13.00 for NYCSHS members. Shipping extra and 8% Ohio sales tax for Ohio residents.


Know Thy Hudsons is Sold Out!!!! Thank you to all who purchased this exciting book.

 Books on DVD

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 Trains’ 20th Century Limited for $23.99 for members, plus shipping and handling.  NYCS Diesel Locomotives for $27.00 for members and NYCS Signal Department for $10.00 for members with shipping included.  Ohio residents must pay 8% Ohio sales tax.

And a brand new DVD shown for the first time at

the 2016 NYCSHS Convention.

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Just go to the NYCSHS Collinwood

Shop to order!!


Click Here

Don’t forget to sign in to get the NYCSHS discounts.

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