2nd Qtr. 2016 NYCentral Modeler is Here and Ready for You to Enjoy


Be sure to check out this latest edition.  We have some really informative articles for you!!

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Begin your adventure with Kyle Coble’s latest article on one of his early 20th Century pieces of rolling stock, the “NYC&HR Last all Wood Under Frame Boxcars” and don’t miss his 3-D drawings of the car. Larry Fulkner and Manuel Duran-Duran return with their “The Harmon Files” and “From The NYC Engineering Department” regular features. This edition shows us about modeling “NYC Towers at Signal Stations 37 & 39”.  Author and photographer, Victor Hand,  joins Larry in modeling for this article.

Roger Murphy returns with a short article on “Bachmann Penn Central to NYC Auto Rack”. NYCSHS directors, Nick Ariemma, Dave Mackay, and  25,000 other modelers attend the “Amherst 2016” show.  NYCSHS Modeling Committee member, Dave Staplin, shares his expertise in passenger cars with the first of several articles, “Second Section of the Century in the Post War Era”.

And finally, NYCSHS President tells the story about how a “Couple Models Small Pennsylvania Town”.

Of course, you will find all the regular features in this quarter’s edition. Don’t miss the “What’s New”, The “NYCSHS RPO”, and the “Observation Car”.  We also show you many of the new NYCS models to be found in the Collinwood Shop.

Don’t miss out!! Read it now at Click here to read.

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