NYCS Lines East Brick Towers in HO- and N-Scale

NYCS Lines East Brick Towers in the Collinwood Shop


These towers were a fixture at Interlockings such as:

River Division: WE, DU, SK

Hudson Division: 90, SM

Mohawk Division: 7, 11, RJ

Syracuse: 6, 18, 25, 33, 42

Erie: BV

We found a manufacturer to produce a limited run Society Exclusive Tower Kit for us. We have selected The N Scale Architect to do the kit in HO-scale and is now doing an N-scale version that we have available. Both are being done with considerable technical help from the NYCSHS Modeling Committee.

These are  a “Generic” 13 window (trackside) kits.

• Laser cut vinyl brick work and fiber mat board concrete sections

• Laser cut basswood upper section

• Stairs and landings, window glazing and other details

The HO-scale towers are available now and the N-Scale towers will  ship in early January 2016.

HO-scale Towers are available at M.S.R.P. $87.50.  NYCSHS members price $70.00

N-Scale towers are available at M.R.S.P. $69.95    NYCSHS Member Price $52.46.

  Shipping is extra and Ohio residents add 8% Ohio sales tax.

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