How About Some Stock Cars for Your Livestock?

You have been asking us to help you find a way to carry your livestock and we have responded with some outstanding Westerfield Models resin kits for you.

Look at these!!!


NYC  (Single Deck, DS Ends,)  CCC&StL or MC (Single Deck SS Ends,)


NYC (Single Deck, DS Ends)         NYC or NELX (Single Deck, SS Ends)


NYC (Single Deck, DS Ends)                     NYC (Single Deck, SS Ends)

Operating Era: 1921-1962. New York Central, Cleveland, Cincinati, Chicago & St. Louis, Michigan Central, National Equipment Leasing Corp. New York Central installed about 1,700 fishbelly underframe stock cars in 1921-3 which became the mainstay of their fleet for 30 years. MDT built 500 single and double deck cars with double sheathed ends and wood roofs in 1921. Another 500 cars were built by Haskell & Barker the same year. These included 100 single deck, single sheathed end, XLA roof cars each for CCC&StL and MCRR plus 300 double deck, SS end, XLA roof cars for NYC. Another 700 cars were rebuilt on 1910-built underframes at AC&F in 1923, very similar to the MDT cars. All cars received minor lettering changes in 1927. They were rebuilt beginning in 1937 when they received the System herald and 1926 ARA lettering. !00 cars were re-lettered to Northeast Livestock in 1939 and brought back to NYC in 1949. Cars were rebuilt with AB brakes and the H&B cars with wood roofs in the 1940s-50s. Cars repainted in 1955 and later received Gothic lettering. The last cars ran into 1962.

Decals included, but do not include trucks or couplers.

Click here for Westerfield Models Webpage

Non-members price is $37.00. NYCSHS Members Price $33.00.

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Ready to Ship.
Shipping is extra and Ohio residents must pay 8% Ohio sales tax.

You can have these built, painted and decaled for you by SPR Backshops for an additional charge.  Click here to have them built.

And here is a great new switcher to pull
all of those stock cars.

Broadway Limited HO-Scale SW-7

 NYC EMD SW-7 Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC
BLI Product # 2969  Two Road #s 8892 & 8883 

Click here for SW-7 on BLI Website

Non-members price is $229.99. NYCSHS Members Price $183.99 and that is 20% off MSRP for members. Free shipping for US orders saves you even more.

Click Here to Order Now as We Have only a Few!!
Ready to Ship.

Free shipping on US orders and Ohio residents must pay 8% Ohio sales tax.


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