1st Quarter 2015 NYCentral Modeler is Waiting For You!


This edition brings you some very interesting articles and some new features.
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Don’t miss “Modeling a NYC 19000 Caboose Using, the American Model Builders’ Kit” by Seth Lakin, John Dick’s “Modeling the Sells Floto Circus in HO-Scale, a new regular feature called “The Early Car Shop” by Kyle Coble, a visit to the “St. Louis Prototype Modelers” by Bob Keeler & Dennis Regan and “Custom Painting an Aristo Craft NYC EMD E-8A” by Jeffrey Damerst.  Manuel Duran-Duran continues his drawings and models in the regular feature, “The NYC Engineering Department” and Ed Enyedy brings us “The NYC in 1933”.

Steve Bratina returns again in this issue with “A Tender Tale”, Noel Widdifield and Manuel Duran-Duran team up to show us some “NYC Manhole Covers” and David Howarth continues with Part Two of his “NYC West Shore”.

And all of the regular features are there again for you to enjoy.

Be sure to tell all of our model railroading friends to join you to download the NYCentral Modeler or just enjoy reading it on your screen.

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