NYC 19000 Plywood Side Caboose Kit (HO-Scale)

NYC 19000 Plywood Side Caboose Kit (HO-Scale)

Almost Sold Out.  Only a Very Few Left!!!


Other than the NYC Hudson locomotive, the 19000 series cabooses with their distinctive low cupola was an icon of the New York Central Railroad for many of us.  These cabooses lasted from the early 1900s well into the 1960s.  Many of these cabooses were inherited from predecessor railroads but were rebuilt between 1912 and 1926 with common features resulting in over 2000 of these so called standard wooden cabooses.

Over the years the tongue and grove siding used on these cars began to deteriorate and needed replacement.  Some of these cars were resheathed with plywood beginning in the late 1940s.  This model represents these plywood sided cars.  They served until the end of the railroad.

This model is a craftsman kit and requires purchase of trucks and couplers that are not included with the kit.  One of these kits was built up for us by NYCSHS member, Seth Lakin and he has written an article on the construction that will be included in the 1st Qtr. 2015 NYCentral Modeler.

 C-UsersSethLakinDesktopModeling ProjectsNYC 19000Completed ModelsNYC 19676 Left Side No Markers 2

Finished model built by NYCSHS member, Seth Lakin.  Look for the article on building the kit in 1st Qtr 2015 NYCentral Modeler. (Seth added a few minor details not included in the kit.)

These kits are not of the same model of caboose that we have commissioned to be delivered next year as ready to run models of the tongue and grove versions of this caboose. However, we decided to take advantage of these kits and offer the plywood version as an exclusive NYCSHS model.  These kits of the plywood cabooses are only offered through the NYCSHS and not available elsewhere.  Our initial order of these are limited to only 50 kits so you need to order today so as not to miss out on these beautiful model kits.

The MSRP for these kits is $59.95 but are offered to NYCSHS members for 20% off at $47.96 plus shipping and handling costs.  Ohio residents must pay 8% Ohio Sales tax.

To purchase one of more of these kits: Click here to order!

These cabooses are in stock and ready to ship!!!

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