Central Headlight 4th Qtr 2014 Issue Coming Soon

Central Headlight in the Mail Today

The Fourth Quarter 2014 issue of Central Headlight was mailed today to all Society members.

A PDF of this issue was emailed today to all members who have paid for this service. This provides the magazine several days early for a nominal fee.


As the cover photo suggests, some of NYC’s lines traversed fairly rugged terrain. Readers will visit NYC’s Catskill Mountain Branch, the former Ulster & Delaware Railroad, 108 miles of single track with grades up to 3.5 percent and its very own Horseshoe Curve. The article features some beautiful color photos from the 1960s, some fine historic B&W photos, and the only known sharp color photo of a former U&D class F-x ten-wheeler.

Modelers of the steam-to-diesel transition years will profit from a twelve-page photo essay featuring 22 handsomely reproduced photographs taken by former NYC general manager Jeremy Taylor, all knowledgeably captioned by Mr. Taylor himself. The photos capture the spirit of the NYC during the 1950s and provide a wealth of information useful to modelers trying to represent the system accurately.

Did you know that the NYC once ran daily 100-car ore trains on a 500-mile trip from the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains to hungry steel furnaces in Pennsylvania? You’ll learn about this fascinating operation in the November issue and enjoy several other informative articles and columns as well.

If you’re still not a member of the NYCSHS, this would be a great time to join. You will receive this Fourth Quarter 2014 issue of our magazine as a bonus in addition to the four 2015 issues that will come with your membership. Five issues for the price of four, plus all the other benefits that NYCSHS membership brings! Join today!

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