Two New Products Added to the NYCSHS “Collinwood Shop”

The NYCSHS Adds Two New Products

NYC Lines East Brick Manual Towers



These towers were a fixture at Interlockings such as:

River Division: WE, DU, SK

Hudson Division: 90, SM

Mohawk Division: 7, 11, RJ

Syracuse 6, 18, 25, 33, 42

Erie BV

CH&R Structures Unlimited is planning to produce a limited run Society Exclusive Tower Kit for us. These are going to be a “Generic” 13 window (trackside) kit with an extra end wall for left or right hand stairs.

•Laser cut acrylic brick work and concrete sections

•Laser cut basswood upper section

•Stairs and landings, window glazing and other details

We have the required reservations to proceed. Our order for production has been placed.  Pre-order NOW!

No down payment required for the pre-order.

M.R.S.P. $119.99   NYCSHS Member Price $95.99

Expected Delivery Spring-Summer of 2015

 Shipping is extra and Ohio residents add 8% Ohio  sales tax.

To pre-order click on email address below to send an email to:

Include name, address, and tell us the number

you want to order.

New Val Map DVDcd-rom

Former LS&MS Mainline & Branches
Buffalo to Toledo

Disc 07 - Val Map - Main Line West

The latest in the NYCSHS’ growing inventory of valuation map DVDs is this offering which covers the former LS&MS main line and branches extending from Buffalo, New York west to Toledo, Ohio. As with the previous DVDs, this DVD contains milepost by milepost pdf images of valuation maps and related documents for this particular area of the railroad. Valuation maps were created in 1917 by the New York Central Railroad for the Interstate Commerce Commission to comply with the Valuation Act of 1913. The original maps were 24” x 56” covering one mile of right of way at a scale of 2” = 100’, with 1” = 100’ detail maps for larger towns and complicated track arrangements.

The DVD provides an excellent resource for modelers and historians in understanding the New York Central mainline along the old Lake Shore route from Buffalo to Toledo.

Lines covered are: LS&MS Main Line, Valley Branch, Alliance Branch, Norwalk Branch, Youngstown Branch, Low Grade Line, Sharon Branch, Oil City Branch, Clearfield Branch, LE&P, CUT, and CSL.
Also Big 4 between Cleveland and Berea.

NYCSHS Members’ price $40.00.  Non-members’ price $50.00. Shipping included.  Ohio residents add 8% Ohio sales tax. Click here to order yours today in the “Collinwood Shop”


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