NYCSHS Introduces a 55-Ton Panel Side Hopper in HO-Scale

HO-Scale NYCS All Steel Self Clearing 55-Ton Panel Side Hopper

For NYCSHS Members Only

Shipping Now!!

Only a few left.  Order today before they are all gone!

Better Order Today so You Won’t Miss Out on These Beautiful Models

Manufactured by Accurail for the NYCSHS


Photos of the actual models.  Shipping soon.





Order your NYCS 55-Ton Panel Side Hopper Today!

These hopper cars are being produced as part of the series of prototypically correct NYCS models being offered by the NYCSHS.  We have worked with Accurail to ensure that this model is as correct as possible yet affordable to most of our NYCSHS modelers.  It comes in kit form, but only requires a minimal amount of effort to complete.  Most modelers can put the car together in less than 15 minutes using only a hobby knife, screwdriver, and glue.

These cars are all from Lots 640-H & 641-H and were built for the NYCS in 1911 and modified with the panel sides at the NYCS Beach Grove Shops in 1936.  They were originally painted black, but were repainted in the red/brown color scheme in the early 1940s.  They were repainted again in black beginning in mid-1956.  They were probably beginning to wear out by this time and were scrapped over the next few years. We are offering these models in both colors so that more modelers can use them in the era they model.

The model comes with a prototypically lettered and painted body shell, detail parts, metal weights, Andrews trucks, Accumate (Kadee compatible) couplers, coupler & truck mounting screws, and Delrin wheelsets.  A complete assembly sheet comes with the kit and can also be viewed at: Accurail

NYCSHS prices for members only.  Because these cars will be sold only to members, there is no discount on them as there has been on other offerings by the Society.  The price is $17.95 for single cars, $34.95 for two and $67.95 for all four.  Domestic shipping is $5.00 for a single car and $4.50 for each additional car.  Ohio residents must add 8% Ohio sales tax on all orders.  Non-US buyers contact us for actual shipping costs.  Visit our NYCSHS “Shop to the Future” online store at and order using PayPal or credit card.  In the “Shop to the Future” store, shipping and handling is included in the price for each item or set.  You may also order them by contacting us at    if you do not wish to order using PayPal.  Orders taken this way will require a check made out to NYCSHS and mailed to secure the order.  Mailing address will be provided when you order at  Sold only to NYCSHS members.

Order Yours Today!  Shipping Mid-August 2013

We are producing only a very limited number of each of these cars. They have not ever been issued in these road numbers before so they will go very quickly and will not be offered again in these road numbers.  They are not being sold to the general public.  Not a member?  Join today at

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