NYCSHS Announces 3rd Qtr 2013 NYCentral Modeler

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3rd Qtr. 2013 NYCentral Modeler


NYCSHS member Carl Lehman runs his trains on the San Antonio Model Railroad Association (SAMRA) layout, but his article in this publication is about a database he created for rolling stock and locomotives.  Carl also shares some great photos of many of his kitbashed locos in this issue.

This edition features Tom Bailey’s “Tom Bailey Models the NYC”, Bob Daley’s “Modeling the NYC/P&LE with Marx Trains”, another of Manuel Duran-Duran’s great building drawings “From the New York Central Engineering Department”, “Modeling People on Your Model Railroad”, a snapshot of photos from the Poughkeepsie, NY, NYCSHS 2013 Convention, and an article by Jim Gviolante on “IHC Passenger Car Modification”.

You will see another of Frank Knight’s drawing of Tom Bailey’s layout as Frank continues this regular feature in the NYCentral Modeler.

Our NYCSHS President, Rich Stoving tells us about “Prototype Modeling in the Post 9-11 Era” by telling us a little about how he and his son, Paul, visited the NYC’s Hudson Division to photograph many of the features on that stretch of the NYCS.

To enjoy this edition and all of the other previous eight editions, simply go to the NYCSHS Publications button, follow the instructions there, and let us know what you think.

Noel Widdifield, Editor, NYCentral Modeler 

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