Check Out "Hickory Creek and "Sights and Sounds of the 2013 NYCSHS Convention DVDs

Sights and Sounds of the NYCSHS 2013 Convention DVD
If you couldn’t attend this year’s convention here is your chance to see what you missed.  If you did attend here is your chance to remember what you saw.

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Highlights of this exciting DVD include:
  • Riding Amtrak to the Convention from Utica, NY with sights and stations along the famous Water Level Route, including the original New York Central station interior and exterior at Utica with the 6721 New York Central 0-6-0 Switcher and inside and out at Rensselaer’s new station, the largest built in the US in over 40 years
  • Kingston Model Railroad Club (established in 1938) running NYC O-scale on their incredibly detailed HUGE layout
  • Hyde Park Station (inside and out) with Amtrak passing at 110 mph
  • Vanderbilt Mansion (exterior)
  • Highlights of many of the Convention Seminars
  • Convention Train Ride on Metro North to Grand Central Terminal  (Shots from the cab along the Hudson River, Park Avenue Elevated and Park Avenue Tunnel entrance on the Convention trip to Grand Central Terminal)
  • Convention walking tour of Grand Central Terminal (Includes very rare 16mm footage of Grand Central Terminal in the 1950’s and a departure of the 20th Century Limited)
  • Highlights of the 2013 NYCSHS Convention Banquet
  • Partial tour of Metro North Harmon Shops and surrounding yards (included very rare film footage of these same yards in the 1930’s with streamlined Hudson locomotives from the NYC era
  • Ride along with us on the trip home aboard Amtrak’s  “Lake Shore Limited” including dinner and shots inside and out of the brand new Viewliner Diner the Indianapolis

Program length: Approximately 60 minutes – Broadcast Quality

Special Price of $29.95 with $5.00 on each sale going to the NYCSHS.  Price includes shipping.  Ohio residents should add 8% for Ohio sales tax.  To order go to our NYCSHS “Store of the Future” at:

We have extended the time to order.  If you haven’t order one of these you need to do it now.  We have enough for production so if you order you will get one of these wonderful DVD filled with one of our greatest conventions.  Do it now. Click here to order.


Also Available

Above the Hickory Creek DVD

Ride with us on the restored Pullman 

Observation Car from the 
1948 20th Century Limited
For the 2007 NYCSHS Convention in Niagara Falls, NY, we had the opportunity to ride the Hickory Creek, the magnificently restored (at the cost of nearly one million dollars) Pullman private car as it made its way to the Convention at Niagara Falls, NY.  If you missed it this is your chance to see it in all of its glory.  If you were there, you can live it again with this DVD.

This broadcast quality DVD was shot on board the Hickory Creek in the spring of 2007 and includes a thrilling 80 mph helicopter chase from Utica, NY down the Mohawk Valley to west of Rome, NY.

The footage includes all the current railroad stations on the world famous New York Central System’s Water Level Route, from Albany to Niagara Falls, NY.

Meet the on board crew of the Hickory Creek and listen to their memories of the “golden era” of train travel as you tour the interior of this beautifully restore Pullman.

The DVD features some very rare 16mm film coverage of the 20th Century Limited in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.  It also includes an unforgettable departure from Grand Central Terminal in 1954.

Go to the NYCSHS “Store of the Future” to order this DVD.

The price for the Above the Hickory Creek DVD $29.95, shipping included.  The NYCSHS will receive $5.00 with each sale of this DVD. Ohio residents should add 8% for Ohio sales tax.  To order, go to our NYCSHS “Store of the Future”
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