The 2013 calendar is here!


On the front color cover, EMD GP-9 #6001 and an EMD F-7 unit power a southbound freight train in electrified territory through Scarborough, NY in July 1962. The back color cover shows a northbound passenger train, with EMD E-7 unit #4009 in Chicago, IL on March 24, 1954.

Other color photographs include: M.U. commuter train with a baggage car in lead at Scarborough, NY in April 1958 and Class P-2b #237 and Class T-1b #254 at Harmon, NY. Additional calendar photos include: Grand Central Terminal under construction on May 10, 1912; Class S-1b “Niagara” # 6003 in Elkhart, IN on October 3, 1953; Class L-4a 4-8-2 #3108 departing Cincinnati, OH in 1951; Class Q #154 at Fleetwood, NY on January 31, 1940; Class S-1b, “Niagara” #6001at Harmon, NY on July 30, 1950; Class A-1c 2-8-4’s #1448 and #1449 through Warren, MA in August 1947; three Alco 1600 hp units, with FA-2 #1084 with FB and another FA trailing, street running through Warsaw, IN on August 5, 1966; Class H-7e 2-8-2 at Newberry, IN in April 1952; Class J-3a 4-6-4 #5451 in Indianapolis, IN on October 22, 1955; Class L-2a 4-8-2 #2864 leaving Lafayette, IN in 1952; and EMD F-3’s #1608 and #2417 at Indiana Harbor, IN on January.

—Darwin Simonaitis, Calendar Editor

The price is $11.00 each (Ohio residents please add $.88 sales tax). Dealer inquiries are welcome. Calendars can be ordered from:

17038 Roosevelt Ave.
Lockport, IL 60441-4734

Calendar Back Issues Available
The NYCSHS has a limited supply of previously issued calendars available for purchase. Quantities are limited, so please order soon to ensure we have your calendar in supply! The price is $5.00 each postage paid. Ohio residents must include $.29 sales tax. Please send your order to:
NYCSHS Calendar
Dept W
17038 Roosevelt Ave
Lockport IL 60441-4734
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