2012 NYCSHS Calendar

The NYCSHS 2012 calendar is now available! Access to a wide variety of photograph collections enables the Society to again present an excellent selection of high quality images. On the front color cover, Class L-3a 4-8-2 #3014 is at the Bellefontaine, OH station in 1955.
The back color cover shows GE U-25B diesel unit #2521 at DeWitt Yard, Syracuse, NY. Calendar photographs include: Class L-4b 4-8-2 #3148, equipped with Timken roller-bearing rods, leaving Anderson, IN in 1955 (color); EMD FT diesel units #1601 and #2401 at Elkhart, IN; B&A Class A-1b 2-8-4 #1432 outside of home territory at Weehawken, NJ in 1947; Class J-3a 4-6-4 #5415 at Cold Spring, NY in 1951; Class H-10a 2-8-2 #2124 on a northbound oil train at Mt. Carmel, IL in 1943; GE 70-ton 350 hp diesel-electric locomotive at Auburn, NY in 1941; Class L-1b 4-8-2 #2555 on a westbound freight train at South Bend, IN in 1936; Class S-1a “Niagara” #6000 at the Englewood engine terminal, Chicago, IL in 1955; Class J-2c 4-6-4 #5467 (ex-B&A #612) at Harmon, NY in 1952; Class T-1b electric locomotive #1156 at Harmon, NY in 1936; A “Niagara” locomotive heads a westbound passenger train through Goshen, IN; Alco passenger units #4201 and #4301 on Train No. 65 at Harmon, NY in 1948; Indianapolis Union Railway F-M H1 2-44 units #19 and #20 at the I.U.Ry. engine facility in 1954 (color).
Darwin Simonaitis, Calendar Editor.
Calendars can be ordered from:
17038 Roosevelt Ave.
Lockport, IL 60441-4734
The price is $11.00 each. Ohio residents please add 75 cents sales tax. Dealer inquiries are welcome.
Calendar Back Issues Available
The NYCSHS has a limited supply of previously issued calendars available for purchase. Quantities are limited, so please order soon to ensure we have your calendar in supply! The price is $5.00 each postage paid. Ohio residents must include $.29 sales tax. Please send your order to:
NYCSHS Calendar
Dept W
17038 Roosevelt Ave
Lockport IL 60441-4734
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