Surviving NYC Steam Locomotives

The following enumeration of surviving New York Central Steam locomotives was printed in the pages of the Central New York Chapter, NRHS Green Block by Richard Palmer. The list is a bit longer than we had previously imagined, but sorry, still no Hudsons!
New York Central System
#6894 B-10w 0-6-0 Alco Pittsburgh 1912 Connorsville, IN, Whitewater Valley Railroad
#6721 B-11k 0-6-0 Alco Schenectady 1913 Utica, NY
#999 C-14a 4-4-0 West Albany 1893 Chicago, IL, Museum of Science & Industry
#2976 G-6k 2-8-0 Alco Brooks 1910 Fairview, OK
#5780 G-43a 2-8-0 Alco Brooks 1901 Chamberlain Lake, ME
#8085 I-80a 4-4-2 Alco Schenectady 1902 Dearborn, MI
#2933 L-2D 4-8-2 Alco Schenectady 1929 St Louis, MO, National Museum of Transportation
#3001 L-3A 4-8-2 Alco Schenectady 1940 Elkhart, IN
New York Central Subsidiary Roads
B&A #39 4-4-0 Boston & Albany 1876 St Louis, MO, National Museum of Transportation
IHB #15 4-6-0 Alco Schenectady 1897 Chamberlain Lake, ME
P&LE #9153 F-102 4-6-0 Alco Schenectady 1896 Delson, QUE, Canadian Railway Museum
LE&W #5541 H-6a 2-8-2 Baldwin Locomotive Works 1918 Beech Grove, IN, Indiana Transportation Museum
DSI #5 0-4-0T Vulcan 1923 Henrietta, NY (no public access)
New York Central Predecessor Roads
Dewitt Clinton (replica) 0-4-0 West Point 1831 Dearborn MI
Pioneer Utica & Schenectady #7 4-2-0 Baldwin 1837 Chicago IL
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