Photos from Dearborn 2010

These photos from our successful Annual Meeting in Dearborn, Michigan come to us from NYCSHS Director and former President Thomas Gerbracht. A great time was had by all, thanks to Convention Director Richard Croy and all of his “behind the scenes” assistants. See you in Albany in 2011!

Forlorn Michigan Central Station in Detroit, abandoned since Amtrak vacated in 1988.

Convention Director Richard Croy put on a fine show…

NYCSHS President Darwin Simonaitis addressing the convention attendees.
Ralph Schiring, keynote speaker Jim McClellan, and NYCSHS Director and former President Tom Gerbracht at the Annual Meeting banquet
At the Annual Meeting banquet
NYCSHS Vice President Bill Strassner, with Directors Howard Fine and Charles Beargie
NYCSHS member Mike Hill with his “Mercury” poster and passenger car plaque
C&O “Allegheny” 1601 ensconced in the Henry Ford Museum.
NYCSHS member Mike Hill with fellow member Jeremy Taylor in the cab of C&O 1601.
Right alongside the C&O Allegheny is the DeWitt Clinton, one of the earliest passenger trains operated in the 1830s by New York Central ancestor Mohawk & Hudson Railroad.
A side-by-side comparison of the DeWitt Clinton to the Allegheny.

Central Headlight editor Rich Stoving

NYCSHS President Darwin Simonaitis
NYCSHS Director Paul Carver
NYCSHS Treasurer Sheldon Lustig
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