2008 Annual Meeting Photos

During the NYCSHS Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, some members had the chance to visit areas along the old Toledo & Ohio Central. This is an early postcard view of the T&OC (NYC) Eastern District passenger station at Bucyrus, OH. Also showing in the background is the signal tower for the junction and multiple crossing diamonds over the PRR Main Line and the PRR Sandusky Branch. This was a railroad location later named COLSAN, which name remains to this day, but merely upon a blue sign. During our Convention Tour, we visited the station, which has undergone a super restoration effort by local folks. Bucyrus, Ohio is located on the T&OC Eastern Division Line between Toledo (Stanley) OH and Thurston, OH, where it rejoins the Western Div. of the T&OC -which passes through Columbus. A concise capsule description of the T&OC and history of the many Ohio Central Lines of the NYC can be found on pages 449 through 452, inc. in “Steam Locomotives of the New York Central Lines, Volume 2“, which is still available from the Society. Below are some additional postcard views, including the station at night, the yard and shops, and an interesting T&OC cigar box!

Bill Strassner says, “I had been wanting to visit the Marion Station Railroad Museum for years, ever since I was told about their superb signaling collection, especially control machines of various types.” This picture shows a small part of their collection, including a piece of the GRS Model 5 machine from NYC “BE” Tower, Berea. “CT” tower at CUT also had a GRS Model 5 machine, one of the largest in the world and a pleasure to work, according to former CUT CT leverman, Ben Anthony. The towermen had to hustle during the heyday of passenger traffic, as those large CUT motors could readily perform fast and heavy switching in the terminal. Behind the machine is a typical NYC style GRS 2 arm simple 3 aspect CL signal, the staggering indicating an automatic signal, although missing the required number plate. Also a semaphore signal, posed at clear, and a very rare US&S machine, model MU, with ‘true’ pistol grip handles for operations. This is a small sample of a fascinating display of signal control machines, as used in towers and also dispatchers’ offices.

During our NYCSHS Convention Tour Friday, we visited Marion, Ohio, where former tower operators Pete White and Bill Strassner explained the functions of AC Tower to the tour group.

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