NYCSHS 2008 Calendar Sold Out!



The NYCSHS 2008 Calendar has completely sold out! Access to a wide variety of photograph collections enables the Society to again present an excellent selection of high quality images. The front cover features S-1b Niagara 6018 uncoupling and J-1e 5404 getting ready to take the train on to Saint Louis (Photo by Richard Baldwin). On the back cover shows an EMD E-7 #4016 leads a Cincinnati, OH bound passenger train east of Shelby Street Yard in Indianapolis, IN in February 1959 (Photo by Richard Baldwin).


Inside the calendar are photographs of FM ‘”Erie Built” #4402 and a F-3a on Train #44 at Battle Creek, MI in 1956, EMD GP-35 #2370 leading a four unit locomotive consist near Toledo, OH in 1967, Class J-3a #5413 with Westbound James Whitcomb Riley leaving Cincinnati, OH in 1955, Class J-1e #5401 leaving Chesterton, IN on Train #708 in 1955, Class S-1b #6014 on Train #65 at Croton NY in 1946, Alco RS-3 #5227 on a local freight at North Grafton MI in 1967, Class Ra #300 at Harmon NY in 1939, Streamlined class J-3a #5454 leaving Elkhart, IN on eastbound 20th Century Limited in 1944, EMD E-7 #4003 on a passenger train through Croton, NY in 1947, FM “C-Liner #4502 and #4504 in Buffalo, NY, Class J-2c 5474 leaving North White Plains, NY on Train #5 in 1951, B&A class C-36 #229 sometime between 1895 and 1900.

Calendar Back Issues Available
The NYCSHS has a limited supply of previously issued calendars available for purchase. Quantities are limited, so please order soon to ensure we have your calendar in supply! The following years are available:

The price is $5.00 each postage paid. Ohio residents must include $.29 sales tax. Please send your order to:

NYCSHS Calendar
Dept W
17038 Roosevelt Ave
Lockport IL 60441-4734

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3 Responses to NYCSHS 2008 Calendar Sold Out!

  1. Richard Trester says:

    I wish they would republished the 2008 NYCSHS Calendar. I’m missing that 2008 calendar for my collection.

    • We will not be republishing any calendars. Sorry but the cost does not offset the value in sales.

    • Reply to Jim Koryta.

      Thank you for thinking of the NYCSHS for help in saving the Jackson Street Tower. While the Society is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the New York Central System, we do not have a focused group that does anything like this. I wish we could pursue all the preservation ideas that come our way. The cause certainly has merit, and we would be glad to spread the word about saving it, but we cannot take the lead on such an endeavor. If you form a group locally to do this, please let us know so we can publish the information for those who care to help to reach out to you.

      If you develop material for support of such an organization to preserve the tower, send that to us at and we will publish it on our website.

      Best regards,
      Dave Mackay
      NYCSHS President

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