2005 NYCSHS Calendar


The Society’s 2005 calendar is now available. Several new photograph collections have become available to us, offering an excellent selection of high quality images. The front cover features a 1955 view of P&LE Class A-2a #9401 at Indianapolis, IN while on lease to the NYC. The back cover shows caboose #17404 at Franklin, IN during the summer of 1954. Also shown is the Franklin water tank with an interesting suspension arrangement for the water spout.


Inside the calendar are photographs of EMD GP-7 diesel units #5800 and #5743 at Anderson, IN 1960, Class J-1c #5257 at Albany, NY in 1936 with a Boxpok main drive wheel center, class P-2b electric #229, class K-3l #4872 with a Big Four passenger train at Goshen, IN 1946, Class S-1b #6010 at Rensselaer, NY in 1950, EMD FT diesel #1600 at Millbury, OH in 1944, Class F-12e 4-6-0 #1243 at Watertown, NY in 1951, EMD E-7 diesel #4015 at Poughkeepsie, NY in 1948, Class L-3a #3006 at Boston, MA in 1947, Class J-2c #616 at Jamesville, MA in 1942, class G-43d 2-8-0 #1111 at Hillsdale, MI in 1949, class J-3a #5429 at Chicago, IL in 1953, FM H-20-44 diesel units #7112 and #7115 at Williamsport, PA in 1952


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