2004 NYCSHS Calendar – SOLD OUT!

This calendar is now SOLD OUT! Thanks for your patronage!

cal2004frontThe Society’s 2004 calendar is now available. Our calendar features a painting by the Robert Lorenz, commissioned by Warren Smith, and depicts Boston & Albany 2-8-4 #1428 eastbound at Chatham, NY during the Christmas season of 1929. On the back cover shows two EMD E-7 diesels leading a westbound passenger train through Vermillion, OH. Don Ball collection, New York Central Museum.

cal2004backInside the calendar are pictures of Lake Shore & Michigan Southern class F-52 4-6-0 heading an eastbound passenger train at Millersburg, IN, Westbound Michigan Central train powered by FM “Erie Built” class DPA-3A units, led by #4404 at 115th Street in Chicago, IL, class J-3a Hudson at Elkhart, IN October 1947, class L-4b #3138 at West Nyack, NY on the River Division April 1951, class J-3a 5451 with the Westbound “20th Century Limited” at Manitou, NY June 1940, class S-1b Niagara #6023 at Buffalo, NY June 1953, class J-1 Hudson #5200 at Harmon, NY with train #161 August 1948 and T-3a #280, GP-7 diesel, class DRSP-4N #5762 at Elkhart, IN with the “Old Road” train from Toledo, OH in summer 1956, Class A-2a #9400 at Bellefontaine, OH September 1955, class Fx 4-6-0 #815 at Oneonta, NY, October 1946, class K-3p 4719 on NMRA excursion at Mishawaka, IN November 1947, class J-2c Hudson #611 arriving Boston, MA September 1950, class H-7e Mikado #1991 and Class L-2d Mohawk #2945 near Greensburg, IN April 1956.


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